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11 Coppola Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy Thermo-Shine

Thermo-Shine was developed especially for flat ironing so the iron glides smoothly through the hair, leaving behind a lustrous shine and radiance. Our innovative silicone compound protects against thermal damage as it smooths, conditions and seals the hair. Thermo-Shine can also be used as a finishing product to reduce flyaways and add shine and luster.

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12 Coppola Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy Shine

Shine is a unique blend of precious oils and keratin protein oils. This unique product is formulated with advanced surface technology. Keratin oils are deposited as an even lustrous layer on the hair shaft without build-up. Provides a vibrant shine with long lasting silky protection that does not evaporate. Use before or after blow-drying or hot-ironing.

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13 Coppola Keratin Complex Clipless Ceramic Cone Curling Iron

The Keratin Complex ½ inch Cone Clipless curling iron is perfect for creating beautiful lush curls. You will be able to create sexy beach curls, a spiral updo, or simply touch up various areas giving you a glamorous finish in record time. This curling iron uses a state of the art ceramic core, surrounded by our exclusive heat sink. The even heat of our exclusive curling irons in conjunction with...

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14 Coppola Keratin Complex Thermal Round Hair Brush

The Keratin Complex 2 1/2" Thermal Round Hair Brush will dry your hair in no time. The metal brush barrel diffuses heat evenly and accelerates the shaping of all types of long length or wavy hair. The uniquely designed thermal round brush allows more heat to flow to the hair shaft, thus reducing drying and styling time. The Keratin Complex Hair Brush can be used with the Keratin Complex Natural...

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