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1 Curelle Styling Gel (medium hold)

Alcohol free gel formula that provides a natural, medium hold. Moisturizes and conditions. Its plant derived holding agent is water soluble and washes out easily without buildup.

2 Curelle ENERGE Shampoo

ENERGE is a unique, ultra mild shampoo formula that gently cleanses hair and scalp as it emulsifies excess sebum without removing essential nutrients or oils. This patented complex synergises to penetrate and help repair, without the typical buildup of other shampoos, which can weigh hair down. Hair and scalp feel clean. This luxurious botanical complex utilizes a new generation of plant derived...

3 Curelle Hydra Shampoo

This gentle, moisturizing shampoo balances moisture in hair while it cleans. A unique botanical complex, essential proteins and amino acids combine to protect against environmental elements, dry weather and heat styling. Reduces flakiness and irritated scalp. Hair is left soft, smooth and manageable. Plant-based, color-safe and Ph balanced.

4 Curelle Riche Conditioner

This mild conditioner is perfect for delicate hair and scalp, and is concentrated so a little goes a long way. Essential proteins and amino acids deliver moisture, self-adjusting formula minimizes frizziness in high humidity, adds volume in drier conditions. Keeps hair soft, bouncy and manageable. Made with natural plant ingredients and free from nitrosamines, ethylene oxide, propylene glycol, or...

5 Curelle Treslite Conditioner

This lightly moisturizing all natural hair conditioner, delivers intense results without weighing hair down. Perfect for controlling fly-aways, detangling and keeping hair soft and smooth. Made with pure botanical extracts and natural antioxidants, this unscented conditioner protects against free radical damage. Adds silky shine and resilience to tresses.

6 Curelle Build-Up Remover

This deeply cleansing, all natural treatment revitalizes hair and boosts volume. Impurities from hard water, styling products, pollution, and medications can build up over time causing dull, limp and lack-luster hair. Currelle Build-Up remover restores hair to its vital, naturally healthy state. This treatment also helps to prevent dandruff and keeps white, gray and blond hair bright and shiny....