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1 Curl Friends Cleanse Shampoo

The highest quality salon shampoo made with the finest natural ingredients to eliminate frizz quickly and enhance the overall health of all types of hair. Subtle cherry almond fragrance delights the senses. Made with natural ingredients to revitalize dry, damaged and frizzy hair. Sage conditions and eliminates frizz, while detangling and moisturizing. Aloe and Vitamin E stimulate growth and...

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2 Curl Friends Replenish Leave-In Conditioner

This humidity blocking cream is like an iron door: it quickly adds moisture, and eliminates frizz all day, all night. Use daily if your curly hair is thick, kinky, coarse, dry or processed. Smoothes the surface of the hair and produces a soft feel. Replenishes moisture and detangles hair, eliminate frizz without adding body during humid conditions. Deep penetrating cream rebuilds and provides...

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3 Curl Friends Control Gel

Use daily to calm curls and lock out unwanted moisture when the air is humid. Eliminates frizz in minutes! Not stiff or crunchy. Leaves hair soft, smooth and shiny. Keeps out unwanted moisture that causes out of control hair. Wheat Protein for enhanced curl retention in any weather and Rosemary prevents dandruff and hair loss.

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4 Curl Friends Rejuvenate Texturizing Mist

Use daily to boost curls, restore bounce and add volume. Natural ingredients eliminate frizz. Your hair will be incredibly soft and luxurious. Intensifies curls and restores bounce. Fights frizz and controls static. Rejuvenates limp curls. Rosemary helps to prevent dandruff and hair loss

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5 Curl Friends Purify Clarifying Shampoo

Hair shampoo (clarifying) for frizzy hair - use once a week to detoxify, clarify, eliminate frizz, and dramatically improve the health of your curls.Fresh citrus scent. Natural hair shampoo formula pampers and rejuvenates dull, dry, brittle frizzy hair. Removes product build up and environmental impurities. Thoroughly purifies hair that is exposed to chlorine and seawater. Safe for color-treated...

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6 Curl Friends Nourish Rinse Out Conditioner

Use daily to quickly moisturize thirsty curls. Natural salon formula hydrates hair to prevent frizz all day and give your hair a wonderful silky touch. Balances moisture, eliminates frizz, and protects against heat so curls are defined and shiny. Nourishes hair with seaweed for tangle-free curls so comb slides through hair. Sea Mud conditions and repairs split ends to reduce frizz. Sea Essentials...

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7 Curl Friends Tame Smoothing Serum

Use this product daily and you will eliminate frizzy hair and add beautiful shine. Control flyaways on windy days. This is Curlfriend's premier hair style taming product. Smoothes hair follicles to control hair style and eliminate frizz. Tames flyaway hair. Conditions hair leaving it amazingly silky and shiny. Lightweight and never greasy.

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8 Curl Friends Seduce Pomade

Use daily to create texture and define curls without adding crunch or weight. Super hold. Natural product formula eliminates frizz and adds a beautiful shine. Seduces hair and defines curls that last all day. Leaves hair soft, shiny and full of body. Creates texture needed for curly hair updos and "up" hairstyles. Lightweight and never leaves hair feeling crunchy.

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9 Curl Friends Shine Hair Gloss

Only a few drops of this natural pure Sage Oil will add brilliant shine to all hair types. Exotic fragrance adds to the allure of this silkening product. Makes hair shiny and silky. Smoothes dry and damaged hair. Protects hair from humidity. Conditions hair and eliminate frizz with rich emollients

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