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21 Curlisto Kids Tearless Shampoo

A shampoo for sensitive skin and eyes. This ultra-gentle formula uses a special lather that is colorant-free. Thoroughly cleanses away dirt with rich low suds, then rinse away easily. Panthenol and wheat protein leave the hair soft, shiny and easy to manage. Smoothing botanical extracts of aloe, angelica, chamomile, comfrey, and cornflower refresh hair and scalp, making it gentle enough fo...

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22 Curlisto Repair Styling Cream

A protein-based, leave in conditioner that protects hair from breakage and styling heat. Infuses hair with aloe, honey, lecithin, hydrolyzed wheat protein and vitamins A and E, leaving hair soft and frizz free. Great for chemically treated hair. * Spirulina- Enriched with B vitamins and promote healthy hair growth * Lecithin- Enriched with natural fatty acids that moisturize and...

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23 Curlisto Unruly Paste

Humidity resistant paragon free formula provides frizz control and a high shine, finished look. Great for all types of hair textures.

  • Soy Protein - gives additional structure and flexibility to the hair.
  • Goji Berry and Red Wine Extracts - provide powerful antioxidants.
  • Certified Organic Herbal Extracts - enhances conditioning properties.

24 Curlisto Bio Curl Shampoo

A moisturizing shampoo for damaged or chemically treated hair. Contains natural oils and fatty acids to cleanse and protect against dryness and brittleness. Great for dry and frizzy curl types.

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25 Curlisto Natural Coils Conditioner

Natural Coils Conditioner is designed for tight to coily curls. Deep penetrating peptides work to strengthen the hair shaft and replenish youthful hair while vitamins and minerals smooth and seal the cuticle to lock in moisture and shine. Protecting your beautiful coils from free radicals, increase elasticity and shine, repair chemical damage and smooth brittleness.

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26 Curlisto Glow & Shine

This advanced, alcohol-free finishing spray gives you brilliant shine without added weight. The non-oily formula protects hair from moisture loss and eliminates frizz and static electricity.

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27 Curlisto Botanical Shampoo

A gentle shampoo for all curl types. This cleanser removes build-up and balances pH without stripping the natural moisture of your hair. Aloe, chamomile, cherry bark, henna and calendula help add moisture and shine. This shampoo is color safe.

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28 Curlisto Bio-Gel Mousse

Bio-Gel Mousse is alcohol-free and aerosol-free, and is designed to give you the control of a gel in a conditioning mousse.

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29 Curlisto Control I Gel

Two powerful setting and bodyfying agents working together for slicking, spiking, scrunching or the wet look. Humectants and conditioners ensure proper moisture for maximum resilience. Includes shine agents to promote outstanding sheen. Has excellent curl retention. Use a little for light hold or more for super hold.

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30 Curlisto Natural Coils Leave-In Treatment

Moisturizing proteins are infused into this leave-in treatment to protect hair from breakage and styling heat. Works wonders on tight to coily curl types. High quality ingredients leave your hair soft and frizz free. Great for chemically treated hair.

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