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1 Curls of the World Just the Flax Curl Defining Gel

This 100% natural gel is made from flax seed and is infused with essential oils. You can use this all natural blend on wet, damp or dry curls.

2 Curls of the World Gypsy Magic Hair Growth Scalp Oil

Gypsy Magic is formulated with essential oils like lavender and rosemary. These essential oils have been used for centuries and are known for their restorative properties.

3 Curls of the World Caribbean Carnival Moisturizing Cream

Caribbean Carnival Moisturizing Cream is a rich, creamy, moisturizing leave in lotion for your curly hair. Just like a true Caribbean Carnival festival, this blend is formulated with natural ingredients from all over the world. So go ahead and celebrate your curls!

4 Curls of the World Tahitian Bay Detangling Conditioner

Tahitian Bay Detangling Conditioner is a light fragrant spritz that will detangle, refresh and lightly condition your curls. So relax, and let your curls be pampered with this relaxingly fragrant blend.

5 Curls of the World Georgia Peach Moisturizing Shampoo

Now you can enjoy the fragrance of fresh Georgia Peaches combined with a gentle, moisturizing shampoo.

6 Curls of the World Manzanilla Coconut Moisturizing Conditioner

Manzanilla Coconut Moisturizing Conditioner is inspired by the serene beauty of the lovely coconut trees that line Manzanilla Beach, located on the east side of the island of Trinidad. So relax and let the waves of fragrant coconut surround, and moisturize your curls.