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1 De Fabulous Acai Oil Treatment

Daily hair treatment for all hair types. Softens thick unmanageable hair, restores shine and softness to dull lifeless hair, strengthens brittle hair, promotes healing and provides nourishment to hair damaged caused by coloring and styling. Also creates an optimal balance for the hair and scalp, nourishes the scalp (alleviates itchy, dry scalp), protects against UV damage, (Polysilicone-19) and...

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2 De Fabulous Nano Mini Curling Iron

This new innovative miniature curling iron allow you create waves and curls by just twisting your fingers. No more wrist and hand fatigue. Ultra light weight and slim design. Nano Ceramic/Tourmaline barrel produce maximum negative ions and far infrared heat to seal moisture, and creating silky, shiny, and smooth finish. This tiny mini curling iron can heat up to 410 F. Enjoy 2 years limited...

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3 De Fabulous Ginger Energizing Conditioner

This invigorating conditioner leaves the hair smooth, clean, soft, moisturized, and healthy. The ginger spice nourishes the scalp. The spice stimulates and dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow in the scalp. Helps to overcome dry scalp and leaves hair soft and manageable. This conditioner provides shine and gloss reducing hair static. Works great through humidity.

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4 De Fabulous Reviver Hair Repair Conditioner

Rescues and revitalizes chemically enhanced, porous hair. Detangles and leaves hair manageable. Formulated with special protein complex: sweet almond extract, olive fruit extract, and meadow foam seed extract to leave hair healthy, soft, shiny and looking fabulous.

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5 De Fabulous Amazon Secret Silk Acai Botanical Hair Repair Therapy

SilkAƧaƭ Botanical Hair Repair Therapy with MuruMuru Butter and Kiwi Fruit Extracts combines amazing antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E from the Kiwi Fruit to protect hair from UV damage while a dose of moisture from the incredible MuruMuru plant restores health and brings an end to dull strands. Pure Keratin and Silk Fibers create a long lasting protective barrier on the hair that nixes...

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6 De Fabulous Ginger Energizing Shampoo

This everyday shampoo leaves the hair and scalp clean, moisturized, shiny, bouncy, and manageable. It stimulates and dilates blood vessels creating an increase in blood flow to the scalp. Helps to overcome scalp dryness and leaves the hair soft. Reduces hair static and works great through humidity.

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7 De Fabulous Reviver Hair Repair Shampoo

Contains no laurel or laureth sulfates. Designed to restructure and protect chemically enhanced and porous hair. Formulated with special wheat amino acids protein complex, oat, soy protein to restore strength, shine, moisture, and vitality.

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8 De Fabulous UBe Mini Straight

Pocket Size for Bangs, touch ups and roots. Straightens, curls, bends, flips, and creates a spiral look. Non slip and heat resistant grip. Non-Tangle swivel cord. Up to 410 F.

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9 De Fabulous Safe-Guard Color Endure Conditioner

Designed to protect and detangle color-treat hair. Seals the cuticle to preserve color and creates shine. Incorporates amino acids and protein to shields hair colors from the cruel environment.

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10 De Fabulous Kerafusion Keratin Treatment

The Kerafusion by De Fabulous provides a top quality look with results lasting for at least 3 to 4 months (depending on hair type virgin hair lasts about 2 months. As keratin is infused into the hair, it penetrates deep into the damaged cuticle giving the hair a naturally straight look and leaving even the most porous hair silky, shiny and healthy. It is formulated especially for damaged,...