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1 Dolce Milano Color Vibrance Re-Constructive Treatment

Color Vibrance Treatment provides an Anti-Fade Shield with smoothing proteins and botanicals to chemically treated hair. It restores and re-balances moisture for a soft and vibrant finish from scalp to hair tip. The Anti-Fade Shield protect your hair against environmental stress, heat, and oil buildup leaving you with longer lasting color radiance in between salon services.

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2 Dolce Milano Color Vibrance Cleanser

Color Vibrance Cleanser™ uniquely cleanses chemically treated hair without stripping color or protein due to chemical processing or exposure to sun. With Color-Sheen Complex, the combination of aloe and botanical extracts helps restore and rebuild the loss of minerals and nutrients back into the scalp and hair shaft. Color Vibrance Cleanser™ also strengthens color radiance between salon...

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3 Dolce Milano Hydro Infusion Treatment

Hydro-Infusion Treatment is infused with special 360° Nutri-Multiplex of rice protein and cornprotein with botanicals and nutrients to soften and smooth hair root to tip by penetrating the hair shaft to rebuild damaged and dry hair while fighting frizz and flyaway. This treatment helps replenish and re-balance the scalp and hair with lost nutrients and minerals, while at the same time uniquely...

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4 Dolce Milano Hydro Infusion Cleanser

Hydro Infusion Cleanser has an advanced Nutri-Silk Complex infused with moisturizing botanicals and nutrients to restore and repair damaged and frizzy hair. It removes build-up from environmental stresses to rebalance the pH level of hair without weighing down or drying out the hair. This unique formula hydrates the scalp and hair shaft with moisture to help bring back the essential nutrients and...

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5 Dolce Milano Sheer Oil Cleanser

Sheer Oil Cleanser™ purifies the scalp and hydrates the hair with a Clarifying Mineral Complex™ that uniquely deep cleans the scalp by removing oil, environmental stress, styling product buildup, excessive dirt and heat damage from the hair. At the same time antioxidants and vitamins help add moisture and smoothness to restore the pH balance and essential nutrients to hydrate the scalp and...

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6 Dolce Milano Sheer Oil Treatment

Sheer Oil Treatment™ helps create the right amount of moisture for the scalp and hair shaft with Micro-Fortify Antioxidants™ and essential nutrients to help protect the scalp and hair. It also keeps the scalp and hair hydrated everyday to fight against future environmental stress, styling product buildup, excessive dirt build up, oil buildup and heat damage. It also provides the hair with...

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7 Dolce Milano Shock Me Straight

For Smoothing, Straightening and Adding Shine to all Hair Types Shock Me Straight is the ultimate spray aid for straightening all types of hair. It protects against heat, styling tools, climate changes, and humidity while eliminating frizz and flyaways. The hair will easily detangle and stay smoother and straighter for longer periods of time. This cutting edge lightweight spray locks in moisture...

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