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1 Essations Fertilizing Shampoo

Essations Fertilizing Shampoo - Soy Enriched shampoo that gently cleanse, reconstructs and strengthens the hair shaft from the inside-out leaving the hair with improved manageability, shine and silky feel. This unique formula contains 9 essential amino acids that restores life and body to hair.

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2 Essations Fertilizing Thermal Straightener

Essations Fertilizing Thermal Straightener provides superior protection from inside-out against styling and finishing damages from the hottest heat tools. Encourages thorough straightening during thermal styling and provides longer lasting styles. It is Soy-enriched to promote healthy, strong, growing hair.

3 Essations Fertilizing Conditioner

Essations Fertilizing Conditioner - Soy enriched ultra penetrating conditioning treatment formulated to mend split ends, controls frizzies and fly-aways. This unique formula contains 9 essential amino acids that are key to defusing free radicals on rough dull hair that are delivered via pollution, UV sunlight, cigarette smoke and stress. It smooths the cuticle from root to end, promoting healthy,...

4 Essations Naked Honey and Almond Moisture Whip Shampoo

Formulated with the ultimate natural blend of honey and sweet almond oil. It moisturizes every strand, gently cleanses away unwanted build-up and debris, and removes tangles. Just one treatment will leave the hair feeling soft and silky

5 Essations Naked Honey and Almond Moisture Whip Conditioner

Formulated with the ultimate moisturizing blend of honey and sweet almond oil, and a strengthening blend of keratin protein and Vitamin B-5. It naturally strengthens the hair shaft repairing it from everyday damage, and supplying it with nature's best moisturizers. Honey & Almond Moisture Whip Conditioner reveals stronger, moisture balanced, glowing strands of hair with no evidence of surface...

6 Essations Naked Detox Clarifyting Shampoo

Naked Detox Clarifying Shampoo thoroughly cleanses the hair without stripping it of needed moisture. It actively prepares the hair for the Naked Thermal Smoothing Complex.

7 Essations Naked Bio-pHUSE Refreshing Shampoo

Nakde BIO-pHUSE Refreshing Shampoo is a sulfate free formulation that gently cleanses unwanted debris, restores the moisture content, and encourages strength in each hair strand. It is great for use on all hair textures, excellent for treating split ends and brittle hair. Naked BIO-pHUSE Refreshing Shampoo will leave the hair feeling and looking healthy.

8 Essations Naked Satin Silkening Glaze

Naked SATIN Silkening Glaze seals the Naked Assuage Thermal Smoothing Complex into place. It ensures that the cuticles have been sealed, and leaves the hair with a rich sheen. Can also be used as a silkening and shining agent for everyday hair styling!

9 Essations Naked Laid Edge Control

Naked Laid Edge Control is an oil & grease free gel that is used to smooth and hold the stray edges of the hair straight, while leaving it soft, pliable, and with a naturally brilliant shine. It is great as a spiking gel to assist in defining short spiky looks without a hard finish. It can be used before curling for a complete boost in curl definition and direction control, or when the style is...