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1 Florestas IKove Amazonian Acai Berry Shampoo (Normal Hair)

IKove Amazonian Acai Berry Shampoo uses organic rainforest acai berry extract to nourish & strengthen all hair types. Perfect for daily use, Amazonian Acai Berry Shampoo hydrates and soothes your scalp while making your hair shiny and healthy. With essential oils to give your hair a beautiful aroma as well as a pH-balanced formula for gentle but effective cleansing, the IKove Acai Berry Shampoo...

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2 Florestas IKove Amazonian Avocado & Acerola Shampoo (Damaged or Treated Hair)

IKove Amazonian Avocado & Acerola Shampoo is an intensely nourishing shampoo designed to strengthen damaged or color/chemically treated hair. With avocado oil and acerola, IKove's formula nourishes and reinforces damaged hair, making it manageable and incredibly shiny. pH balanced and perfect for daily use, IKove Avocado & Acerola Shampoo is formulated with mild plant-based cleansers and...

3 Florestas IKove Amazonian Cupuacu Shampoo (Dry Hair)

IKove Amazonian Cupuacu Shampoo is an organic shampoo that provides lasting hydration for dry hair. Using rainforest cupuacu butter, a higly water absorbent ingredient, Cupuacu Shampoo helps dry or damaged hair retain moisture on a daily basis. pH-balanced and blended with essential oils, IKove's Amazonian blend uses plant based cleansers to thoroughly clean hair and scalp without irritation.

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4 Florestas IKove Amazonian Acerola Shampoo (Oily Hair)

IKove Amazonian Acerola Shampoo is a unique organic calming shampoo for oily hair. Making use of herb extracts to combat excess oil, IKove Amazonian Acerola Shampoo carefully promotes balance and manageability, assuring a normal hair texture without stripping hair of necessary oils. pH-balanced and rich in Vitamin C, anti-oxidents and necessary herbal extracts, IKove's Acerola Shampoo is...

5 Florestas IKove Amazonian Jaborandi Shampoo (Weak Hair)

IKove Amazonian Jaborandi Shampoo is a reinforcing shampoo for weak or brittle hair. Using jaborandi leaf, a centuries oil natural herbal defense, IKove's botanical formula reinforces hair's roots and promotes healthy hair growth. pH-balanced and formulated with mild plant-based cleansers, Amazonian Jaborandi Shampoo will thorough clean hair and scalp without any irritation.

6 Florestas IKove Acai Chocolate Shampoo

Amazonian acai and cocoa dispense sugar antioxidants to colored and permed hair while exotic botanicals deeply nourish and restore damaged and dry hair.

7 Florestas IKove Acai Chocolate Conditioner

This ultrarich conditioner detangels and hydrates dry hair with rain forest cupuacu butter, babacu oil and cocoa butter while the powerful antioxidants of acai and vinegar revitalize chemically treated hair. Regular use will significantly improve the condition of your hair.

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8 Florestas IKove Amazonian Cupuacu Butter Conditioner (Normal Hair)

IKove Amazonian Cupuacu Butter Conditioner is a luxurious organic conditioner designed for normal hair and daily use. With a botanical formula that hydrates and moisturizes the full length of your hair, IKove's Cupuacu Butter Conditioner uses rainforest cupuacu butter along with wheat protein and vitamin E to restore vitality and manageability to all hair types. pH-blanaced with a delightful...

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9 Florestas IKove Amazonian Avocado & Babacu Conditioner

IKove Amazonian Avocado & Babacu Conditioner is a luxurious organic conditioner designed to give intense moisture to hair that is dry, damaged, color or chemically treated. IKove's natural botanical formula uses Babucu oil from the rainforest of the Amazon, a chemical particularly nourishing for hair. Combines with avocado oil, wheatgerm protein and Vitamin E, Amazonian Avocado & Babacu...