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21 Giovanni Natural Mousse

Medium to firm hold:
Builds hair to amazing heights with incredible stay-power
Distributes easily for smooth-moves in style
Adds texture and shine

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22 Giovanni Straight Fast

Ultimate hair straightening elixir: Smoothes and soothes hair for the ultimate sleek style Straightens hair temporarily until your next shampoo Certified organic botanicals protect hair from heat styling

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23 Giovanni Vitapro Fusion Leave-in Hair Treatment

For all hair types: Penetrates damaged hair to rebuild and repair Infuses hair with protein-enriched botanicals Protects hair from heat, chemicals and bad days

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24 Giovanni More Body Hair Thickener Gel

Volumizing styling gel: Seals split ends after infusing thickness Pumps up the volume with tremendous shine Adds condition, style and more body

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25 Giovanni Wicked Wax The Definition of Pomade

Styling pomade: Separates and defines. Allows for wicked short hair styling. Adds extreme texture.

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26 Giovanni Magnetic Power Treatment

Treats hair with force-field strength Eliminates split ends Creates polarized shine

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27 Giovanni Magnetic Force Styling Wax

Creates instant style attraction Works in slick shine Builds powerful shape

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28 Giovanni Root 66 Lifting Spray

Directional root lifting spray: Raises roots to new heights Allows for directional control Lifts hair up where it belongs

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29 Giovanni Styling Glue

Hair modeler: Designs, separates, forms Spikes, sculpts, shapes Tailors hair to your specific needs

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30 Giovanni Whammo! Hair and Body Cleansing Gel Lavender

Whammo! Be the first to try this unique shampoo and shower gel. A fun consistancy that cleans and foams brilliantly. Have fun with Wammo!
Whammo! hair & body cleansing gel.
Lavender moistruizes hair & Body.
Contains no lauryl / laureth sulfates.
Will not strip hair color.