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1 Goleshlee Keratin Professional After-Care Keratin Mist

Has hydrolyzed keratin which has a balanced formula With emollients giving total penetration In the hair cuticle - rebuilds the hair wire.

2 Goleshlee Keratin Professional After-Care Shampoo

Has a balanced ph and is compatible with The natural ph of the hair. It promotes plentiful Foam that is rich in amino acids - entirely treating the Hair.

3 Goleshlee Keratin Professional After-Care Conditioner

A conditioning mask made with silicone to help close the cuticles and aid in capillary restoration.

4 Goleshlee Keratin Nina's Creation Brazilian Blow Dry

A daily treatment for thick or coarse hair, No Frizz - Straight Making Styling Treatment combines ultimate frizz control with deep conditioning without weighing down locks. It's also a fast fix for processed or color-treated hair.