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1 HANA Elite Flat Iron

The pinnacle of salon science & ceramic technology. One of the only American flat irons with 100% Ceramic Plates, this multi-purpose styler is unmatched for heat retention & distribution, naturally hygienic & ultra smooth. The New Hana Elite 1.5" Flat Iron is the world's First and Only Wide 100% ceramic plate Iron, ideal for longer and thicker hair types.

2 HANA Professional Flat Iron

Features Advanced Fusion Molding to maximize tourmaline and ceramic content for silky smooth plates that pack a punch. Accelerated Negative Ions repair hair follicles, sealing in natural oils for a conditioned. sleek, salon shine that lasts all day.

3 HANA HANAair Hairdryer

The industry's first Italian Design inspired hairdryer to have an operation of 2300 Wattage Power. This is the Only hair dryer that will actually make your hair Healthier and more Radiant with each and every use. The combination of HANAair's strongest AC motor along with its tourmaline lined ceramic heater will dry your hair up to 60% faster maintaining natural shine while promoting healthy...

4 HANA Shine Shield Thermal Protectant

Hana Shine Shield is the latest product in a line committed to safe, effective heat styling. Shine Shield is a thermal serum that can be used as a leave-in conditioner - lightweight and never greasy, it protects and strengthens hair whether you use it with a flat iron, hair dryer or alone. Shine Shield contains the natural magic of Jojoba oil for its superb qualities of deep moisturization, fast...