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1 HPO Spa Treatments Spa Hair Conditioner

Nourish your hair with this distinct natural blend of honey, avocado and wheat protein. The honey helps hair to retain natural moisture while the wheat protein adds strength and shine. The avocado pulp stimulates hair growth, while the fruit’s natural oils soften the hair and scalp, making hair resilient as well as smooth.

2 HPO Spa Treatments Butter Drops

This aromatic blend of citrus and lavender provides deep hair conditioning with just a few drops.
Use Butter Drops as a hot-oil treatment before shampooing hair or apply a few drops to reduce frizz and keep unruly hair in line.

Add a drop to HPO Body Lotion to relieve extremely dry skin.

Use to soften stretch marks. Butter Drops reveals shiny, frizz-resistant hair.

3 HPO Spa Treatments Happy Scalp

Layers of product and chemical treatment can take their toll on hair as well as scalp. Be sure to soothe at the root with Happy Scalp. Massage a few drops of this essential oil blend onto your scalp to stimulate and awaken. Great aromatherapy and massage therapy to help you relax. Keeps scalp health and clear of buildup. Happy Scalp is best when used before shampooing hair. Use the dropper to...

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4 HPO Spa Treatments Twisty Locs

Help retain curly hairstyles or smooth out natural curls with HPO’s Twisty Locs cream. Combining a natural blend of shea butter and honey, the easy-to-use Twisty Locs cream enhances soft ringlets while conditioning. Leaves no greasy or oily residue on hair. Doesn’t clump or mess. Also works to moisturize skin. Add nourishing vitamins to keep hair healthy.

5 HPO Spa Treatments Hair and Body Shampoo

Moisturize your body from head to toe with the natural blend of HPO’s Hair & Body Shampoo. Designed for everyday use on most hair types, Hair & Body Shampoo uses avocado and wheat protein to strengthen and condition hair while also rejuvenating tired skin.

6 HPO Spa Treatments Twisty Locs Stick

Help retain curly hairstyles or smooth out natural curls with HPO’s Twisty Locs Stick

7 HPO Spa Treatments Simply Curly Conditioning/Styling Pudding

Simply Curly leaves hair feeling smooth and silky, and helps to define the natural curl without being sticky or greasy.