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1 Head Games Head Games Split Personality Dual-Purpose Serum

Whether your hair is curly and you want it straight or frizzy and you want it smooth, here's your answer. Original Montage formula, flip top caps

2 Head Games Final Answer

Get a quick response to dry, brittle, unmanageable hair with aloe, almond oil, jojoba and wheat proteins. This reconstructive conditioner is specially designed to treat and detangle damaged or chemically treated hair. Works magic as it transforms hair from straw to silk for beautiful, conditioned results.

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3 Head Games Bizarre Twist

Twist and shape hair into any style with a matte finish and firm hold.

4 Head Games Tangle Buster Daily Detangling Conditioner

Head Games Tangle Buster Conditioner contains aloe vera to moisturize and re-energize hair

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5 Head Games Head Games Green Envy Styling Pomade

This light hold pomade gives hair shine, texture and styling flexibility.

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6 Head Games Head Games Power Hungry Maximum Hold Gel

This maximum hold gel will satisfy your craving for concrete style, while adding control, volume and shine.

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7 Head Games Head Games Messed Up Madness Molding Creme

Infuse hair with texture and control. No grease, no weight. Emulsify in palms, use fingertips to sculpt hair. For extra volume, use a cool-air blow dryer and sculpt

8 Head Games Head Games Dressed to Kill Dressing Creme

Take charge of your style by adding texture, shine and body. Discipline your unruly locks by eliminating frizz and flyaways. At last, a moisturizing dressing creme that will give you a look to die for.

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9 Head Games Attitude Adjustment Reworkable sculptor

Head Games Attitude Adjustment Reworkable Sculptor is a lightweight, high power cream sculptor that adjusts to you every mood. Rework it, restyle it, redo it...any time, any place, any attitude.

10 Head Games Head Games Thickening Lotion

Who says "skinny" is in? This hair thickening lotion contains a wheat fortified blend that bonds to hair. "Fattining up" each and every strand.

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