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1 Hickox X-Treme Wax

Use x-treme wax as a finishing wax that allows for a little more shine than the x-wax. Also great for using on curly hair after the hair is dry to add shine and calm down frizz.

2 Hickox The Pink Stuff

Use the pink stuff on curly hair before blow-drying to calm frizz and give the hair defined separated curl.

3 Hickox Phat Hair

Give your curly hair the frizz free, defined curls that you have always wanted. Hands down the most amazing product for curly hair. Also great for adding tons of volume to thin hair, without the 'sticky' or 'dirty' feeling of other products.

4 Hickox Intense Conditioner

The best deep conditioner you will find. Use this conditioner once a week and give your hair back the essential vitamins, minerals and oils it needs.

5 Hickox Saturate Shampoo

The most gentle every day shampoo you will find. Saturate is ideal for people that just want clean healthy hair. It will not build up on hair or strip hair. Totally color safe. You’ll love it.

6 Hickox De-Frizz

Give your hair the volume you have been missing. Styling Creme is our most aggressive de-frizzing product. Apply to wet hair and style as normal. Join thousands of happy users and try Hickox De-Frizz

7 Hickox Revamp

The name says it all. Use Revamp to restyle your hair in the morning when you don’t have time…or don’t want to spend the little time you do have shampooing and drying your hair. Spray it on the roots and “revamp” with your fingers (or whatever styling tools you would like).

8 Hickox X-Wax

Are you sick of using finishing wax for shine and just getting flat greasy hair? X-wax gives you the shine without the grease. Use it on short hair and it will also give you volume and control.