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1 Infusium 23 Revitalizing Frizz Control Conditioner for Frizzy, Unruly Hair

Science: Inspired by beauty, grounded in science. Infusium 23 offers specialized hair care solutions that are proven to enhance the texture and condition of your hair. Infusium 23 has combined decades of knowledge and experience with scientific advances to create (frizz)ologie conditioner. Solution: Specially designed with our unique i23 essential treatment complex, (frizz)ologie conditioner tames...

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2 Infusium 23 Leave - in treatement for color treated/permed hair

To Vitalize & Preserve Color-Treated Hair with i-23 Complex Proven Beauty Overworked, color-treated hair nourished and protected to optimize hair color and heighten healthy hair shine. Infusium 23 does it all with an integrated system of proven science, exclusive technology and personalized products that transform hair for better-than-ever hair days. Treat & Transform: Finish with...

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3 Infusium 23 Leave In Conditioner

Infusium 23 Original Formula Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner infuses hair with Pro-Vitamin B5 for health, manageability, and shine. Rebuilds damaged hair to its natural condition. Restores dry, brittle hair. Protects against split ends. Seals cuticle after chemical services. Adds superb manageability and shine. Directions: Apply to towel-dried hair. Comb through, making sure ends are treated. Do...

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4 Infusium 23 Moisturizing Conditioner for Normal to Dry Hair

Corrects. Restores. Structurizes. Infuses hair with 23 essential pro-vitamin and treatment ingredients. Helps restore moisture for soft, silky feel. Detangles and smoothes hair from root to tip. Hair that is damaged from chemical processes or styling appliances often needs extra help to maintain a healthy look and feel. Even hair that is naturally long, thick or wavy may require special treatment...

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5 Infusium 23 Revitalizing Conditioner for Color/Permed Hair

Infusium 23 Colored/Permed Revitalizing Conditioner infuses hair with 23 essential pro-vitamin and treatment ingredients to correct, restore and structurize chemically treated or relaxed hair. It is specially formulated to revitalize hair color, liveliness and shine. This highly conditioning, yet clean-rinsing formula protects hair color vitality and won't strip or reverse chemical processes.

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6 Infusium 23 Revitalizing Conditioner for Fine, Thin Hair

Moisturizes from root to tip without stripping hair of essential elements. Gently cleans to remove styling residue and build-up, leaves chemically treated/relaxed hair with lustrous shine. Infuses hair with 23 essential pro-vitamin & treatment ingredients. Revitalizes color. Restores resiliency and moisture to chemically treated hair. Clean rinsing formula. Hair that is damaged from chemical...

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