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1 J.F. Lazartigue Treatment Shampoo for Unstraightened Hair

Developed from a base of rich, emollient milk proteins which soften the hair, together with seaweed extracts which improve its suppleness and purifying agents to prevent itchy scalp and flakiness.

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2 J.F. Lazartigue Pre-Shampoo with Shea Butter

Shampoo alone will not solve hair problems. A pre-shampoo treatment is needed, which will restore and nourish the hair. A once a week pre-shampoo treatment will restructure the capillary fibre, restoring and nourishing your hair. J.f.lazartigue's Pre-Shampoo Mask with Shea Butter is an intense weekly moisture treatment for dry and thick hair. Shea Butter, the main ingredient, is a natural extract...

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3 J.F. Lazartigue Vita Cream

Creamy conditioner that gives maximum shine, disentangles and leaves hair silky and soft; 100% moisture. Vita-Cream with Milk Proteins contain lacteal proteins that are enriched with Vitamin F, essential for hair beauty. With regular treatment, it rebuilds the dries and most damaged hair with silky, spectacular results. Usage: Apply to the most damaged part of the hair on a daily basis, and...

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4 J.F. Lazartigue Deep Action Treatment with Carrot Oil

A 10-30 minutes deep action hair care Contains carrot oil for pre-shampoo Perfect for damaged parts of hair Firstly rinse off, then shampoo Ideal for dry hair

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5 J.F. Lazartigue Salmon Protein Hair Restorer

Because fatty creams and oils tend to weigh down fine hair, diminishing its volume -- j.f. lazartigue developed Salmon Protein Hair Restorer especially for baby fine, dry hair. This light-textured cream containing active ingredients -- salmon proteins, algae extracts, oyster extracts, trace elements, keratin, hyaluronic acids -- moisturizes and tones brittle hair while restoring balance and...

6 J.F. Lazartigue Straightening Gel

This coating gel makes blow-drying easy, smoothes and eliminates frizziness from curly or frizzy hair, avoiding dryness and with an additional shine. I recommend this gel for frizzy or curly hair. This gel straightens hair and removes the frizzy aspect. A powerful hydrating agent prevents dryness. Shea oil nourishes and protects the hair and its smoothing agents enrobe hair with a protective film....

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7 J.F. Lazartigue Micro-Pearl Shampoo for Dry Hair

Micro-Pearl Shampoo for Dry Hair incorporates a micro-capsule delivery system to transport an active agent that restores moisture to the hair shaft of excessively dry hair.

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8 J.F. Lazartigue Treatment Cream Shampoo With Collagen

This nourishing treatment cream shampoo is recommended for thick, brittle, dry and very dry hair with plenty of volume. The hydrolyzed marine collagen in this cream consolidates the hair, restoring its elasticity and strengthening its protective sheath. Its highly nourishing formula acts like a bandage on dry, brittle ends and it rebalances and rehydrates the scalp.

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9 J.F. Lazartigue Styling Gel

This styling gel straights your hair or makes natural curl easier to manage and shape, it reponds to your every need. This gel relaxes curly hair and makes it easier to style, and leaves it shiny. Usage : To tanne your curls and achieve a wet look effect : Rub a knob of gel into your hands. Using your fingers, spread the gel throughout your hair, right to the tips. Work it through section by...

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10 J.F. Lazartigue Pearl Shampoo

Dry, very dry, fine, and coarse hair shines with J.F. Lazartigue's restorative but light micro-pearl shampoo. The tiny capsules release vegetable proteins, lipids, and other moisturizers to revitalize and protect your locks without weighing them down.

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