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1 Jasmine's Sea Therapy Shampoo

An exclusive blend of aqueous extracts of various (mainly marine) botanicals chosen for their moisturizing properties. This ultra hydrating formula saturates you hair with deep penetrating and revitalizing nutrients. We’ve combined the benefits of sea therapy with the latest marine mineral technology. The botanical extracts gives you improved wet/dry comb, and adds a protective coating. Sulfate...

2 Jasmine's Nourishing Hair Bath

Our Hair Bath is packed with botanical and fruit extracts. SLS, and ALS free, it doesn't contain any harsh detergents and is safe for natural, relaxed, and color treated hair. It bathes your hair in moisture to bring new life to your hair. If you suffer from dry hair then this is your answer. Natural, relaxed and color treated hair will be restored with the first use.

3 Jasmine's Shea Butter Cream Rinse

This thick cream produces sleek hair with improved shine, bounce, and body. Our conditioner glides on easily and rinses clean. A Fabulous product that is natural, effective, and affordable.

4 Jasmine's Ultra Nourishing Conditioner

This deep penetrating weekly treatment. improves the strength and texture of your hair with each application. Active fruit concentrates work deep within the hairs cortex to give you stronger, longer hair. If you suffer from dry hair use this conditioner to replenish your hair.

5 Jasmine's Intense Reconstructing Hair Treatment

This is a must have treatment for ethnic hair, as well as anyone who has color-treated, relaxed, or permed hair. This deep penetrating monthly hair treatment rebuilds the hairs strength and enhances its natural shine.

6 Jasmine's Satin Touch Natural Oils

A superior all natural head to toe oil with the addition of Hemp and Avocado. These "living" oils are cold pressed, leaving all the vitamins, and minerals intact. Softens and smooths the ends of dry hair instantly!!

7 Jasmine's Silk Detangling Leave-In

This wonderful leave in conditioner works as a superior detangler to condition dry hair. DL Panthenol fortifies and adds strength to the hair. This leave in will give your hair superb wet combability, and excellent curl retention. No more fly away static and setting and styling will be a breeze!!