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1 Joewell Joewell S2 Shear

Joewell S2 Shear- Get Ahead of the Pack. S- Series by Joewell. From custom edge to the flat screw tension system, these shears are designed to attract attention. So whenever you're ready for true ultimate cutting freedom, so are Joewell Shears.

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2 Joewell Joewell Pro Shear

Joewell Pro Shear is a high quality professional hair cutting tool. Luxury is standard.

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3 Joewell Joewell Black Cobalt 5.5"

A shift in the Ultimate Cutting Paradigm. As signified by the Cobalt Based Alloy, the Cobalt Series raises the bar for high-performance shears in virtually every respect. Hand honed by our Master Engineers to perform like no other shear.

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