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1 John Sahag Sahag No Frizz

No Frizz - Minimizes frizz almost to a zero point and gives maximum styling ability. Fast drying, for easy shaping and volumizing beautiful curls. No stiffness. No flakes. No cardboardy after effect. Herbal moisture conditioning system.

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2 John Sahag 3D Volumizing Gel

This miraculously invisible gel acts like a brilliant Sahag secret agent to create the most extreme or laid back styles imaginable. While actively volumizing, its bold holding power is so naturally flexible, it defies gravity and your imagination.

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3 John Sahag Sahag Zero Weight Sculpting Lotion for Thick, Coarse, Curly Hair

Zero Weight Sculpting Lotion minimizes frizz almost to a zero point and gives maximum styling ability. Fast Drying, it creates soft, natural curls so hair won't balloon out of control. No stiffness. No flakes. Nothing but beautiful naturally moving hair.

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4 John Sahag Translucent Shine Spray

Translucent Shine Spray - For creating a light shiny look, never hold too close to the hair, keep approximately 12 inches away and apply 3 or 4 times only.

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5 John Sahag John Sahag Moisturizing Detangler

This leave-on detangling conditioner is specifically formulated with nourishing, moisture-rich aloe vera and vitamins to undo tangles, snarls and knots effortlessly and to calm and soothe stressed out chemically-altered hair. So it becomes beautifully behaved, shiny and manageable without dragging it down or limping it out. Works as a damage control detangling system that penetrates and soothes...

6 John Sahag Conditioner for Normal to Fine Hair

For Normal to Fine Hair A lightweight conditioner that revives hair and minimizes dullness without ever weighing hair down.

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7 John Sahag Sahag Clean Shampoo for Normal to Fine Hair

Clean Everyday Immaculate Shampoo ia precision, gentle shampoo that completely respects the delicate nature of hair. Its mild cleansing action helps to remove impurities from vulnerable hair while adding integrity with vitamins, minerals and proteins.

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8 John Sahag Zero Weight Flexible Solution

No description available.

9 John Sahag No Frizz Spray Gel

To enhance normal to fine curly hair. Blows out thick, coarse hair smooth. Leaves hair feeling healthy and shiny.

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10 John Sahag Revitalizing Drops

Revitalizing Drops -Will reveal the life of any texture of hair and reveal its natural beauty. Will bring back to life permed and color treated hair.

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