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1 Johnny B. Fuddy Take Control Gel

Providing incredible hold with a unique, matte finish, Johnny B Fuddy is a take control gel perfect for a modern-day look. Very strong hold, yet easy to wash out.

2 Johnny B. Gel

An alcohol-free gel that won't flake on hair! The more you apply, the harder it dries. Great on all hair types!

3 Johnny B. Smooth Styling Cream

Smooth Styling Cream is for the man who loves gel but hates how it makes a thin head of hair look even thinner. Formulated to give you a creamy styling lotion with hold but no build up. It's like a gel and mousse in one bottle!

4 Johnny B. Xtra Hold

A hard brilliantine that contains beeswax that contains superior hold and moisture for all hair types. Made to groom short, tight buzz cuts.

5 Johnny B. Shampoo Paste

Invigorates and refreshes as it deeply cleanses. Made with a hefty dose of cinnamon oil and methol that stimulates scalp. So unique it can be used to remove dandruff, stop hair loss, and provide a smooth and close shave.

6 Johnny B. Aqua Pomade

A versatile water based pomade that rinses out easily. Made to spike or slick hair. Can be used with Johnny B Gel to provide extra styling ideas. Adds shine never sticky.

7 Johnny B. The Original

First Johnny B. product ever made, it has become a classic! A small amount gives a light control and heavy shine. Made from a high-grade petroleum so it is easy to dissolve. Try it after blow-drying to define and separate hair.

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8 Johnny B. Trick Styling Glue

Fierce holding power, so strong a rainstorm won't move your style! You can twist tips for spiking or slick back for a shoe polish smooth style.

9 Johnny B. Smash Spray

This spray is an oldie but a goodie! This spray was designed to give the maximum hold for the maximum time. Spritz, spray, mist, or blast; whatever your heart desires.

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10 Johnny B. Remix Gel - Cool

Johnny B remix gel is geared for gel users who want more hold, more fragrance, more thickness! Remix gel is for todays newest haircuts, made to be stiff. Try it, but be warned this stuff is strong.