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1 Joshua Fixation Styling Goo

This gooey-goo will do whatever your mind and hands tell it to. Fixation is the most diverse styling tool ever used to slick, spike, separate, twist, and add shine.

2 Joshua Retro Chic Superstruct Gel Flexible Styling Gel

The key foundation builder in creating any chic hairstyle: Flexible Styling Gel; Medium Hold; Wet or Dry Hair; Smooths; Creates Volume.

3 Joshua Retro Chic Retro-Bonding Shampooing Potion

This formula will revamp dry or chemically distressed hair back to its most attractive properties in every way.

4 Joshua Retro Chic Retro-Bonding Conditioning Potion

This formula is essential during the hair restoration process. Retro-Bonding Conditioning Potion's penetrating moisture delivery restores the hair to its most lusty condition.

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5 Joshua Retro Chic Glazz Reconstructing Shine Potion

Lustrous leave in treatment that delivers a luminating effect. Glazz nourishes the hair while intensifying its shimmery existence.