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21 KMS California Curl Up Shampoo

This invigorating orange and mint shampoo moisturizes curls and improves elasticity. Formulated with advanced IOPS technology to keep curls bouncy.

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22 KMS California Curlup Hot Spiral Spray

This great working spray with mint and orange extracts enhances pliable curls and waves without crunchiness. Use while styling to protect hair from heat damage from thermal tools.

23 KMS California Hairplay Hyper Paste

KMS California Hair Play Hyper Paste is a styling creme that is perfect for separating and piecing on finished looks.

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24 KMS California Hair Stay Style Boost

KMS California Hair Stay Style Boost is an ultra lightweight styling foam-to-liquid formula for natural hold, movement and bounce. Contains Pomegranate and Pepper to protect hair from environment and provide hold. When layered with other styling products, styles can last up to 3 times longer. For all hair types.

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25 KMS California Silksheen Shaping Creme

Enriched with almond and basil, this velvety creme is perfect for normal to coarse hair. It softens hair texture while giving lite control.

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26 KMS California Silk Sheen Conditioner

KMS California Silk Sheen Conditioner is a rich conditioner that infuses hair with softness, lustrous shine and amazing comb-ability.

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27 KMS California Add Volume Body Build Detangler

KMS California Add Volume Body Build Detangler lives up to it's name, detangling while increasing fullness and body up to 40%. Contains Eucalyptus and Cinnamon to create volume in fine and lifeless hair.

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28 KMS California Silk Sheen Shampoo

KMS Silk Sheen Shampoo is a luxurious shampoo that gently cleanses, leaving the hair soft, silky and shiny. It makes hair feel soft and supple while smoothing and preventing flyaways. This shampoo will make long, dull or coarse hair to a new level, soft and shiny.

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29 KMS California Color Vitality Conditioner

KMS Color Vitality Shampoo is a color-enhancing shampoo with UV filters that protect hair color, and restores radiance. A lush shampoo with UV filter that preserves fresh color, keeping hair vibrant

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30 KMS California Sol Perfection Survival Creme

This rich grapefruit and thyme leave-in conditioner with IOPS technology and Anti-Oxidant, instantly conditions, detangles and protects sun stressed hair from further damange.

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