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1 Kronos K Force Flexible Hold Hairspray

It may be light as air, but Kronos K-force Flexible Hold Hairspray is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to holding your hair in place and protecting it from humidity and frizz. This conditioning, fine-mist spray provides flexible hold without stiffness and offers light to medium, long-lasting, buildable hold. You receive a 5.9 oz. non-aerosol spray.

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2 Kronos K-Charge Volumizing Conditioner

If your hair is naturally fine and limp, Kronos K-Charge Volumizing Conditioner will add amazing, but temporary volume and body to your hair. Its unique moisturizing complex will help keep your hair strong and soft to the touch.

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3 Kronos Phyx Overnight Hair Masque

Is your hair dried and fried? Get your deep conditioning fix with Kronos Phyx Overnight Repair Masque. This intensive, overnight beauty treatment helps restore moisture to dry, damaged hair. Kronos' unique MicroCellular Complex contains ingredients to help exfoliate the hairshaft and remove the buildup of dead skin cells which can leave hair looking dull. Apply at night and wake up to hair that...

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4 Kronos Liquid Theory Conditioning Detangler

Talk about multiple personalities! Kronos Liquid Theory 7-in-1 Conditioning Spray just about does it all when it comes to creating beautiful hair. This leave-in conditioner, detangler and styling aid is ideal for hair that is damaged, dry, dull or color treated. Specially formulated to protect against humidity, fizz and UV rays, this lightweight styling aid shapes and holds hair, without feeling...

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5 Kronos Hydresse Hydrating Conditioner

Frazzled by split ends or hair damaged by chemical treatments? Kronos Hydresse Hydrating Conditioner could be the answer to your fried hair. This sulfate-free conditioner uses advanced, patent-pending t-sfere technology to infuse intense, hydrating help to dry, weak hair. You won't believe how smooth and silky your hair can be! You receive an 8 oz. bottle.

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6 Kronos Hydresse Hydrating Shampoo

Frazzled by split ends or hair damaged by chemical treatments? Then Kronos Hydresse Hydrating Shampoo could be the answer to your dried-out hair. This sulfate-free shampoo provides a rich, luxurious lather that gently cleans while replenishing the moisture you need for smooth, touchable hair.

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7 Kronos Slique Shine and Smooth Defrizz Serum

Whether you wear it curly or straight, your hair can benefit from Kronos Slique Shine & Smooth Defrizz Serum. This versatile styling aid helps makes straightening and styling easier, while infusing hair with a high-gloss shine and sumptuous softness. You receive a 4 oz. bottle.

8 Kronos K-Charge Volumizing Shampoo

Pump up the volume on fine, flat hair with Kronos K-Charge Volumizing Shampoo. This rich, luxurious lather gently cleanses, for amazing volume, bounce and shine. Kronos' patent-pending t-sfere Technology helps leave your hair looking healthy and full. You receive a 10 oz. bottle.

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