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1 La Brasiliana Original Keratin Treatment

Revolutionary and safe intense treatment that softens, smooths and relaxes all hair types. Comes in Original, Apple and Moca varieties.

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2 La Brasiliana Uno Keratin After Treatment Shampoo

This shampoos is great for all chemically treated hair enhancing Keratin and Collagen into the hair. Restores the luster and feel of baby soft hair.

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3 La Brasiliana Due After Keratin Treatment Conditioner

As with our shampoo, our conditioner follows through with the same features. Maintains the integrity of the La-Brasiliana treatment. Sodium Free and Keratin and Collagen based.

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4 La Brasiliana Tre Define and Shine

A unique product to use after your treatment to aid in styling and shine. Tre will finish your hair with a drop of this serum sealing moisture into the hair follicles.

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5 La Brasiliana Quattro Leave-In Conditioner

A superb detangler for use on dry hair. This leave in conditioner allows combing and styling hair with little effort. Used as a cutting tool for stylist this product allows the flow and control of the hair while sculpturing. A must for razor cuts! Quattro has multiple uses and works well for after La-Brasiliana Keratin Treatment with collagen as a daily maintenance sodium free product.

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6 La Brasiliana Meno Clarifying Shampoo

Meno clarifying shampoo is formulated to work with our Keratin treatment. It is safe for all hair types and does not contain sodium.

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7 La Brasiliana Dieci All-In-One Instant Hair Treatment

Dieci all-in-one hair treatment penetrates the hair and strengthen it's structure, excellent solution for frizz and uncontrollable hair.

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8 La Brasiliana Bella Hair Masque

Bella Hair Masque is Keratin and Collagen based, Sodium free, intense deep conditioning masque. Universal for all hair types, color safe, UV protection. Effectively concentrated to control frizz and treat dry damage chemically treated hair locking in moisture and imparting elasticity. Bella leaves your hair manageable, shiny with silky-smooth results.

9 La Brasiliana DIECI Plus All-in-One Intensive Hair Mask

La-Brasiliana Dieci Plus All-In-One Intensive Hair Mask With Keratin and Collagen is an instant hair treatment that is a color sealer, curtails hair breakage, detangles hair, eliminates split ends and enhances shine. A frizz eliminator that nourishes dry damaged hair.

10 La Brasiliana LATTE Extend Styling Milk

Extend the longevity of La-Brasiliana Keratin and Collagen Treatments. This thermal protector provides heat activated conditioners along with Keratin and Collagen to form a protective barrier around the hair, shielding it from environmental stress, and adding volume. LATTE Extend Styling Milk leaves hair shiny, smooth and soft. It offers great protection for everyday blow styling and thermal...