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1 Living Nature Organic Shampoo - Balancing

Formulated with the effective cleansing properties of natural saponifier Kumerahou and nutrient-rich Kelp, Balancing Shampoo gently cleanses without stripping the hair. It restores a healthy balance of natural oils and moisture, and leaves hair soft and manageable.

2 Living Nature Organic Shampoo - Nourishing

Deeply nourish and revitalize dry and damaged hair with this natural hair care product. Formulated with natural ingredients to cleanse, moisturize and nurture your hair leaving it with a healthy shine. The active goodness of Manuka Honey has been harnessed to hydrate, heal and revitalize tired and broken hair. Kumerahou has anti-microbial properties and also allows this shampoo to have a natural...

3 Living Nature Organic Conditioner - Nourishing

For an intense shine use this natural hair product which will naturally repair dull and damaged hair. Formulated with nourishing Active Manuka Honey to heal, rejuvenate and moisturize hair and hydrating Larch tree extract to smooth hair leaving it looking healthy and shiny. Revitalize your hair with this nourishing conditioner which hydrates dry hair whilst restoring its natural oils leaving hair...

4 Living Nature Organic Conditioner - Balancing

Restore your hair's natural beauty and shine with this creamy conditioner’s blend of hydrating Active Manuka Honey and natural fruit extracts. Balance oils and give hair a nourishing lift, and detangle while infusing moisture where it’s needed.