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11 Loma Pearatin Fortifyting Repairative Serum

Strengthen, Mend and Hydrate Fortifying Repairative Serum with ThermalColor Complex® releases its reconstructive, repairative and hydrating properties continuously until your next use for maximum beneficial results. Time-released Keratin Protein treatment. Provides thermal protection and locks in all hair color. This time-released serum is your one step to stronger, healthier, shinier hair....

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12 Loma Pearatin Curly Mousse

Define, separate and protect. Medium hold, curl defining foam. Enhances and supports curl formation. Incredible bounce and healthy shine. For all hair types, especially curly and wavy.

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13 Loma Awareness Daily Shampoo

* Nourishes and cleanses naturally.
* Leaves hair full and shiny.
* Botanical extracts and fresh aromatic essences.
* Orange and Tangerine Oils.
* For all hair types.

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14 Loma Perspective Refreshing Shampoo

* Purifies and invigorates the hair and body. * Great for use as a daily body wash. * Time-released botanicals and nourishing provitamins. * Exhilarating peppermint essences -pure Oregon Peppermint Oil. * For all hair types, especially fine, thinning and medium textures.

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15 Loma Objective Clarifying Shampoo

* Clarifying cleanser to remove impurities. * Adds texture and fullness. * Great swimmer's shampoo. * For all hair types, especially fine, for added fullness.

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16 Loma Enable Daily Conditioner

* Protects hair from damage caused by styling and environmental exposure. * Restores and conditions the hair. * Prevents tangles and static. * Orange, Tangerine, Rosemary, Yiang Yiang and Clove Oils. * For all hair types.

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17 Loma Intensity Deep Conditioner

* Penetrates quickly to reconstruct, strengthen, and restore hair back to a healthy, manageable condition. * For all hair types, especially dry and brittle.

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18 Loma Glide Detangling Conditioner

* Protects from sun and chlorine damage. * Leaves hair full, thick and healthy. * Locks in color and perms. * Lavender Oil. * For all hair types, especially fine and chemically treated.

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19 Loma Intent Volumizing Creme

* Conditions and adds extraordinary lift and shine. * Soothes and hydrates the scalp. * Refreshingly rich body lotion. * Kiwi and other tropical oils. * For all hair types.

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20 Loma Respect Medium Hold Hair Spray

* Creates volume, medium hold and styling versatility. * Contains sunscreen for protection. * Biodegradable and water soluble - shampoos out easily. * Blueberry, Loganberry and Citrus Oils. * For all hair types.

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