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1 Long Lovely Locks Coconut Hair Milk

Coconut Hair Milk is a thick hair softening lotion comprised of coconut oil and shea butter. Literally sinks into hair to provide softness, shine and greater manageability. Excellent for moisturizing and nourishing dry, brittle hair.

2 Long Lovely Locks Green Tea Hair Cleanse

Cleanse and moisturize your hair at the same time. Enough with shampoos that strip the life out of your hair! If you want light cleansing, gentle sudsing, look no further than our Green Tea Hair Cleanse - a moisturizing cream cleanse that will detangle as it cleanses. Perfect for all hair types - straight and curly styles. No SLS nor SLES.

3 Long Lovely Locks Coco Light

Experience and delight in the effects of Coco Light - a light pourable gel leave-in conditioner that will allow you to define and clump curls, detangle, soften, and shine your hair. Strengthens hair from the inside out. Does not contain alcohol and will finish out your style. Great for all hair types and all curly hair styles.

4 Long Lovely Locks Ginger Gel-O

Does your dry hair dislike creamy products? Super-moisturize your hair with our Ginger Gel-O, a super light preparation comprised of all natural ingredients, including: ginger oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E complete with a crisp and airy ginger scent. Soft hair never looked nor smelled this good!

5 Long Lovely Locks Green Tea Hair Gloss

The perfect compliment to our Green Tea Hair Cleanse. Green Tea Hair Gloss will simply glide onto your hair and leave it shiny and glossy. Moisture and slip will be yours. This is a "smart" conditioner that will up the moisture content of your just washed hair. Will leave your hair feeling fresh and you ... refreshed! Great for all hair types and all curly hair styles.

6 Long Lovely Locks Curls de Light

Curls de Light is a true "delight" for your curls! Defines curls and provides humidity resistant hold. Decreases bulk while increasing your hair's elasticity and resiliency. Curls de Light will give your curls a light, comfortable hold in the form of a "pourable" gel. Does not contain alcohol. Made with all natural ingredients.

7 Long Lovely Locks Curly Custard

Curly Custard is a highly concentrated, moisturizing hair definition cream created for natural, texturized, transitioning, nappy, curly, kinky or wavy hair types. It combats shrinkage and defines the hair's texture. It moisturizes the hair and enriches it.

8 Long Lovely Locks Cranberry Hair Cocktail

The goodness of cranberry oil is harvested in this delightful cocktail that is chock full of hair-enriching herbs. Cranberry Hair Cocktail will provide your hair with tons of slip! So use it especially if you struggle with tangles. Great for all hair types from straight to curly. Use as your final rinse after washing your hair.