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1 MOP C-System Spray Pomade

Adds pliable definition and shine to all hair lengths with effortless application. Excellent for use on layered, textured and longer hair.

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2 MOP Mixed Greens Conditioner

We've created a nutritious feast starting with a fantastic selection of Certified Organic extracts of Alfalfa, Artichoke, Cucumber, Parsley and Watercress to moisturize even the most dried-out and damaged hair. Add a dash of Rosemary Oil for shine, some Certified Organic Olive Oil to nourish and finish with Certified Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for extra softness and manageability. Certified...

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3 MOP Mop Glisten High Shine Pomade

Super style is achieved with super shine. Evening Primrose Oil, Certified Organic Oatstraw and Horsetail work together to create pliable manageability with reflective shine. This light, non greasy, formula enables you to style, shine and help protect. Accentuate an up do or apply a final touch to shorter styles. Reflect the shine inside.

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4 MOP C-System Hydrating Conditioner

MOP C-System Hydrating Conditioner is a deep moisturizing conditioner designed to add shine and manageability to dry, coarse and chemically-colored or chemically-treated hair.

5 MOP C-System C-Curl Curl Enhancing Shampoo

Shampoo nourishes and hydrates tired, dried-out curls. C-Curl Curl Enhancing Shampoo by MOP C-System features a sulfate-free formula that protects against color fading. Enriched with vitamin-infused mango extract and grapefruit extract for anti-oxidant power to stimulate and renew hair shaft.

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6 MOP C-System C-Curl Curl Defining Cream

This hair cream accentuates and maintains curly styles without leaving a tacky residue. C-Curl Curl Defining Cream conditions with vegetable fatty acids and nourishes with vitamin-rich extracts, including grape seed, to nourish the hair shaft. Also incorporates a UV shield to preserve color.

7 MOP C-System C-Straight Smoothing Shine Lotion

Amino acids derived from apples provide a gentle, sulfate free cleanse for color-treated hair. A natural smoothing agent, glycerin softens hair from root to end. C-system antioxidants support longer lasting color. *Boasts a modern, paraben free preservative system.

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8 MOP C-curl Curl Enhancing Cream

MOP C-System C-Curl Curl Enhancing Cream is a unique curl enhancing cream to provide smooth separation without residual tack. Maintains curl throughout the day while protecting against frizz. Citrus infused for antioxidant support. UV shields preserve color.

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9 MOP Leave-In Conditioner

MOP Leave-In Conditioner is for all hair types. Blow dryers, stress, sun, and pollutants can really do a number on hair. Leave-in Conditioner with extracts of certified organic echinacea and dandelion, plus certified organic carrot puree runs interference between hair and these aggressors. Added bonus: no tangles, no frizz, no worries, no kidding!

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10 MOP Extreme Protein Treatment

Stressed out strands? Your body needs protein to stay strong and so does your hair. If your hair is weak and breaking, feed it a protein-rich diet of wheat, vegetable and milk protein as well as certified organic black beans, alfalfa and olive oil. We call it stress management benefits: reduces spliting and breakage enhances curl smoothes straight hair increases elasticity and strength.

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