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21 MOP C-System C-Straight Straightening Cream

Leaves hair straight and eliminates frizz. Using natural waxes and conditioning agents, this straightening cream will leave your hair looking and feeling perfectly soft and frizz-free all day. This styling cream will smooth and straighten wavy or curly hair, while controlling frizz with it’s anti-humectant properties. Your hair will feel weightless and super soft, as well as completely protected...

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22 MOP C-System C-Straight Smoothing Shampoo

Amino acids derived from apples provide a gentle, sulfate free cleanse for color-treated hair. A natural smoothing agent, glycerin softens hair from root to end. C-system antioxidants support longer lasting color. *Boasts a modern, paraben free preservative system.

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23 MOP C-Sytems Conditioning Mist

C-System Conditioning Mist - A vitaming rich conditioning spray to enhance softness and manageability while providing a hint of control.

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24 MOP Foaming Gel

No description available.

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25 MOP C-System Shaping Serum

This medium hold styling serum maximises hairs volume and bounce while providing exceptional shine. A UV shield helps preserve colour.

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26 MOP C-System Styling Conditioner

MOP C-System Styling Conditioner is a water activated defining lotion. A cream detangler and defining lotion in one to simplify your styling ritual. MOP C-System Styling Conditioner may also be used to smooth and control damp or dry hair.

27 MOP Glisten Conditioner

Need a quick remedy for the stress of getting gorgeous? Help strengthen, restore & protect hair with Avocado Oil and Certified Organic Linseed Oil. Honey serves as one of nature's most powerful humectants and works with Jojoba Oil to maximize moisture and fullness. Wheat protein helps repair environmental damage while Pure Maple Syrup infuses hair with body & shine. Good Enough to eat.

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28 MOP Glisten Shampoo

Linseed oil and whole wheat protein enthused with vitamin C will thoroughly cleanse the hair, while adding moisture and shine, pure maple syrup and honey will lock in colour and moisture, while acting as a thermal styling agent, protecting the hair from heat. Designed for all hair types that have been abused and lack shine & condition.

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