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21 MYHoneyChild Caribbean Hair Activator

The Caribbean Hair Activator gives your natural waves, and textured styles the sheen and softness you need .This freshly fragranced Caribbean formula will penetrate into those curls quickly, leaving hair soft, and wavy . A styling treatment specifically formulated for curly hair.

22 MYHoneyChild Type 3 Hair Creme

The Type 3 hair Creme delivers the best of both worlds. A thick creme that will control the curls and deliver moisture at the same time. This hair can be the most difficult because of its in between stage .Type 3 needs more (75%)control, than moisture (25%) because it is neither wavy nor kinky, it is that awkward hair type. Best described as very curly, with ringlets, which may appear after...

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23 MYHoneyChild HoneyNutt Scalp Cleanser

The Honey Nutt Scalp Cleanser combines a delicate scent of honey,and almonds . It nourishes and restores natural gloss, leaves hair ultra-soft and shiny. Use in conjunction with the Honey Nutt Conditioner.

24 MYHoneyChild Olive You Scalp Cleanser

For hair that is dry and breaking , but desires oil. The Olive You! Scalp Cleanser is a super dupa scalp cleanser. Mild and moisturizing. Enriched with the purest olive oil from Italy. This is the best scalp cleanser if you suffer from a dry flaky scalp. For unbeatable soft and hydrated hair try the OLIVE YOU !Deep Conditioner.

25 MYHoneyChild Organic Styling Creme

The Organic Styling Creme is lightweight,luxurious hair creme that defines, moisturizes and contours curls for perfect separation. Apply evenly from roots to the ends and style as usual.

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26 MYHoneyChild Organic Shea Butter Scalp Cleanser

The Organic Shea Butter Scalp Cleanser is a mild scalp cleanser for very a dry, and sensitive scalp. This all organic combination of pure unrefined Shea Butter, and is the organic solution for damaged hair. A wonderful mild scalp cleanser.

27 MYHoneyChild Sophia's Old Fashioned Hair Grease

Sophia's Old Fashioned Hair Grease is a hair grease that can be used on natural and pressed hair. Lightly peach scented. Sometimes a girl just gotta have some hair grease. Don't say UGG! You all know we was raised on grease. Blue Magic, the green colored grease was my momma's thing. Well this was inspired by the old days, but minus the petroleum, with all natural ingredients.

28 MYHoneyChild HoneyNutt Conditioner

Instantly coats and smoothes the cuticle.
The Honey Nutt conditioner is a thick conditioner, enriched with moisturizers, almond oil and honey. Intended for use as a detangling, moisturizing and conditioning rinse for very dry or damaged hair.Shampoo hair with the HoneyNutt Scalp Cleanser.

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29 MYHoneyChild Organic Shea Butter Hair Paste

The Organic Shea Butter Paste is especially designed for dry and treated hair to nurture, repair, and restore vitality and manageability. Organic combination of Organic Shea Butter, and Lavendin Super Organic Essential Oil is the organic solution for damaged hair by dryness. Shea butter and Palmarosa Organic Essential Oil are very rich components which soothe, nurture, moisturize and protect...

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30 MYHoneyChild SO DEEP Conditioner

MYHoneyChild SO DEEP is an intensive conditioning treatment that bathes the hair in Honey and Vitamin E to moisturize and strengthen damaged and over-processed hair. Fortified with essential oils to revive dry damaged hair. Helps add moisture balance and elasticity for hair strength, softness and shine.

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