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1 Monkey Brains Grease Monkey Hair Pomade

Non-oily, medium hold, water-based pomade for kids that dissolves in water. Adds texture and lift with all-day hold.

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2 Monkey Brains Super Softy Conditioner

Conditioner for kids. Provides moisture for real hair repair and restores super smoothness and softness.

3 Monkey Brains Twisted Sticky Hair Glue

Ultimate hold for kids. This Glue is a 9 out of 10 for hold and is quick to dry so know what you want to create and then ready, set, go! All day holding power and NO flakes!

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4 Monkey Brains Goop Out Shampoo

Shampoo for kids. The after-effects of hair gels, glues, and pomades may be less than cool. But no worries! Goop Out is a deep cleansing--but gentle--shampoo that gets all that gunky goop totally out.

5 Monkey Brains Crazy Sticky Hair Gel

Crazy Sticky Hair Gel is the ultimate in hold for crazy spiking and radical styling.

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