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1 NU-GRO All-Natural Leave-In Spray with Moisturizer

Leave-in spray for hair growth and repair. Excellent for hair repair and hair growth. Helps stop shedding and breakage, strengthens and heals damaged hair. Gives body, bounce and shine. Helps maintain healthy, growing, flowing hair.

2 NU-GRO Hair-GRO Spray with Moisturizer

"Mild Scent" spray helps grow, thicken, heal hair. Can stop shedding in days. Moisturizes. For those with hair loss, thinning, balding or shedding. Also those who have lost hair due to medical treatment (chemotherapy etc.). And those who s hair has been damaged by chemicals.

3 NU-GRO All-Natural Shampoo

This hair growth shampoo helps grow hair, thicken hair and heal damaged hair. It is free from sulfates, including sodium laurel sulfate, and other harmful ingredients. Be aware, it will not generate a big lather. It cleanses the hair, while leaving the natural oils intact in order to ensure the hair is soft and manageable.

4 NU-GRO All-Natural Liquid Hair Gro Oil

Helps grow hair fast, thicken and heal damaged hair. Gives wonderful shine. Special blend of olive and coconut oil can be used as under-wig conditioner and for sew-ins. Fights dandruff and dry scalp. Packed with natural herbs and vitamins.

5 NU-GRO Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner for smooth, soft silky hair. Promotes FAST hair growth, thicker hair and healing of damaged hair, using natural herbs and vitamins. Helps restore hair damaged by chemicals.