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1 Naturally Nadine Exotic Oil Cocktail Blends

Exotic Oil Cocktail Blends
Argan-infused oil blends

LAVENDER LONG ISLAND This aromatherapeutic cocktail is great for TRANSITIONERS and those with full, healthy hair. Enriched with Argan, Almond and Grapeseed oils, this oil promotes healthy hair growth. Elevate your spirit, and relax your mind.

MOJITO You need a hint of mint in your hair. The ultimate growth...

2 Naturally Nadine Shampoo Spa Bars

Shampoo Spa Bars

The exotic spar bars are in four different formulas designed to complement the argan-infused oil blends. These bars are crafted by hand and infused with the highest quality essential oils in a vegetable glycerin or coconut base. They create a spa in your hair.

Designed specifically for locks to cleanse gently and discourage product...

3 Naturally Nadine Lemon Spritzer

This aroma-therapeutic 8 oz. refresher spray is for use on twists, braids, and locks. It revitalizes the sense, stimulates the scalp, and promotes healthy hair growth with a combination of essential oils that include lemon, lime, tea tree, frankincense, and myrrh. For use on hair and skin as a gentle refresher to get you through the day. Enjoy the effervescent tingle and scintillating aroma!!

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