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1 Obliphica Spiral Hair Mask

Spiral nurturing and restorative treatment was especially made for women with uncontrollable, frizzy or curly hair. The natural ingredients in the Spiral Hair Mask were specifically selected to increase hair flexibility and provide nourishment for very curly or frizzy hair. Spiral combines the fruit extract of the Obliphica plant and concentrated nutrients in a unique blend, to help control...

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2 Obliphica Spiral Curl Builder

Spiral Curl Builder combines the styling qualities of mousse with nurturing moisturizing that improves hair control and quality.

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3 Obliphica Multi Task Styling Cream

Multi Task Styling Cream is an innovated and unique development, that combines the styling qualities of a mousse with nurturing moisture that improves hair control and quality, thanks to the Obliphica, Shea butter and almond extract. It enhances curl or builds body while straightening and leaves no sticky residue or flaking.

4 Obliphica Hair Serum

A unique serum produced from the Obliphica (aka Sea Buckthorn, Sallow Thorn) fruit, traditionally known for its wonderful healing effect on hair and skin. Rich in many vitamins, carotenoids (alfa and beta-carotene) and with an especially large proportion of vitamin E, Obliphica Serum restores damaged hair, brings back the luster to your hair and makes combing a breeze. It will protect hair...

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5 Obliphica Moisturizing Treatment Cream

Obliphica Moisturizing Treatment Cream maximizes nutrition for your hair, combining styling features that help sculpt your hair, without it feeling greasy or sticky. The cream has moisturizers that give hair amazing softness, suppleness and beauty. Made from unique, natural ingredients, minerals and a range of moisturizers, the cream improves the look and styling of your hair, while nurturing and...

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6 Obliphica Intensive Shampoo

A rich nourishing shampoo is formulated with intense amounts of Obliphica (Sea Buckthorn) extract, to bring life to damaged, colored, or unmanageable hair. The Intensive Shampoo is designed to gently cleanse both the hair and scalp while stabilizing your hair's PH balance and preventing dandruff. By adding a vast array of nutrients to the hair, The Intensive Shampoo will eliminate spit ends,...

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7 Obliphica Intensive Treatment Cream

A rich hair moisturizer containing vitamins E+ C as well as special quality plant extracts and the Obliphica (Sea Buckthorn) fruit extract. The cream is designed to nourish and take care of very dry, damaged hair to minimize breakage. The Intensive Levave-In Moisture Cream leaves a free-movement soft touch without a sticky or greasy residue. For damaged, colored or unmanageable hair

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8 Obliphica Intensive Hair Mask

The advanced formula of the Intensive Treatment Mask delivers the nutrients and moisture needed to repair damaged, colored, or unmanageable hair. The creamy texture of the mask penetrates the hair structure, envelopes it in softness protects it from further damage. Made from unique and natural ingredients as well as Obliphica (Sea Buckthorn) extract, the Intensive Treatment Mask improves the look...

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9 Obliphica Intensive Hair Serum

Intensive Hair Serum is an innovative and unique development combining hair control with intensive treatment producing maximum brilliance. Curls need definition, shape and shine to look healthy. Intensive Hair Serum will moisturize your dry, colored or damaged hair with its unique blend of herbs and extracts, and add an unbeatable shine without weighing your hair down. For damaged, colored or...

10 Obliphica Treatment Hair Shampoo

For very dry, colored or damaged hair. A professional and exclusive formula for treating and restoring dry or damaged hair, or hair that has undergone chemical treatment. The shampoo includes softeners and nutrients that envelope the hair in a protective layer, eliminate split ends, soften the hair and give it a brilliant sheen. Obliphica Shampoo has active ingredients for cleaning hair and scalp,...

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