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11 Pravana Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment

Two-phase treatment: Pravana Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment is an instant hair moisturizer. Its rich botanical protein and moisturizing ingredients soften, detangle, and provide deep hydration without weighing hair down.

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12 Pravana Keratin Fusion Texture Control Salon Service

Keratin Fusion Texture Control is an innovative salon service to instantly and permanently transform coarse, curly, unruly hair to smooth, straight and shiny. Or fine limp hair into volumous and beautiful. Contains no thio, no sodium hydroxide, no formaldehyde, no aldehydes. As part of the Keratin Fusion service, Pravana’s Thermal Insulator protects the hair during the texture control.

13 Pravana The Beach Wave

The Beach Wave is designed to provide long-lasting, soft, natural, undulating waves that don't damage the hair. This unique application and gentle formula contains no thio (thioglycate, a relaxing agent), and utilizes natural Cysteamine, a natural amino acid, to realign the hair's internal bonds to create a soft, sensuous wave. This gentle formula is safe for color-treated hair and incorporates...

14 Pravana Keratin Fusion Sulfate-Free Revitalizing Shampoo

Keratin Fusion is the latest technology in caring and treating troubled hair. A mega-dose of keratin amino acids and botanical extracts serve to replenish and revitalize troubled hair.

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15 Pravana Keratin Fusion Revitalizing Conditioner

Transform stressed or troubled hair instantly into smooth, shiny and conditioned. Pravana's proprietary Natuceutical Complex Provides added strength, shine and elasticity to even the most damaged hair. Special sunscreens help to block the damaging effects of the sun and protect hair color.

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16 Pravana Keratin Fusion Thermal Insulator

Pravana Keratin Fusion Thermal Insulator protects hair from damage associated with thermal styling. It instantly repairs surface damage caused by excessive heat and vigorous brushing or combing. Special sun screens help to block the damaging effects of the sun and protect hair color.

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17 Pravana Keratin Fusion Restructurizing Serum

Keratin Fusion Restructurizing Serum is an indispensable, multi-purpose remedy that instantly repairs and resuscitates damaged, protein-depleted hair. Keratin Fusion Restructurizer imparts pure keratin protein deep into the cortex layer of the hair fiber to strengthen and thoroughly rebuild damaged, troubled hair.

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18 Pravana Ultra Body Volumizer

A super lightweight foam that instantly fortifies hair with added fullnes, body and texture. Ultra Body Foam Volumizer contains Pravana's exclusive Naturceutical Complex, which features silk amino acids, human hair keratin amino acids and wheat protein, nourishes and revitalizes hair. Ultra Body Foam Volumizer is environmentally friendly and contains: * Zero alcohol * Zero Propellants * Zero...

19 Pravana Design Gel

Provides a super firm hold to every hair type and texture. Wonderful for creating a long-lasting wet look. Provides significant hold without flaking or dusting.

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20 Pravana Super Shape Hair Spray

The anhydrous formula is extremely dry -- remarkable in that the product is in complete compliance with the 55 percent VOC regulation. Because of its micro polymeric system, Super Shape bonds deeper and better with the hair, allowing for greater and longer-lasting lift and hold that is resistant to humidity. "Super Shape's highly concentrated formula allows users to get great results with a...

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