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1 ProFolla Silk Growth Shampoo

Awaken & replenish your hair follicles with ProFolla Silk® Growth Shampoo formulated for faster growing BlGrowth shampoo for men and womenack and African American hair.

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2 ProFolla Silk Growth Conditioner

Awaken & replenish your hair with ProFolla Silk® Growth Conditioner uses our Trichogen® combination of herbal extracts that have been scientifically tested to help hair grow like it should.

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3 ProFolla Moisture Shampoo Extreme Moisture

ProFolla Silk® Moisture Shampo - LusterPlex® and Emu Oil-based Moisture Shampoo formulated for black hair is unique because it focuses of the root of the hair & adds rich moisture content. Emu Oil is known to awaken hair follicles for the best scalp and hair reproduction conditions. Super-moisturzing for all hair types.

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4 ProFolla Moisture Conditioner Deep Moisturizing Conditioner

Extreme moisture conditioning for Black and African American hair. ProFolla Silk® Moisture Conditioner adds strength and moisture for added shine and elasticity. Great conditioner for people with sensitive scalps also.

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