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1 Profound Beauty Anatomy 05/95 Anti-Oxidant Mask

Conditioning for very coarse or dry challenged hair. Anti-Oxidant Mask is a rich and luxurious weekly immersion of moisture and emollients to soften and restore suppleness to the hair. The unique Vitamin E complex inhibits damaging free radicals to provide ultimate color protection and renewed shine.

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2 Profound Beauty Details Gel

Contours and defines with a firm hold, high shine finish. It is a medium weight gel with great style memory that does not flake. It will not leave a build up on the hair.

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3 Profound Beauty Details Shine

Lightweight silicones smooth with a high-shine finish. Great for dehydrated ends and superior humidity resistance. For all hair types.

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4 Profound Beauty Anatomy 10/90 Conditioner

Softens and smoothes while repairing and strengthening hair that is weakened by chemical process. Provides easy detangling while our proprietary technology prevents build-up. Hair is intrinsically shiny and truly healthy.

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5 Profound Beauty Structure Luxe Cream

This multi-purpose setting cream allows you to manage the level of hold with a smooth, clean and luxurious finish. It smooths the fiber, making hair pliable and easily set with finger waves, pincurls and rollers.

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6 Profound Beauty Anatomy 05/95 Conditioner

Softens and silkens while providing intensive repair and smoothing to parched, challenged, rebellious hair. Provides easy detangling while our proprietary technology prevents build-up. Hair is intrinsically shiny and truly healthy.

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7 Profound Beauty Stylist Curl Glaze

Produces highly defined springy compact curls. It reduces the natural volume in medium and coarse textures producing controlled luminous curls with intense shine. This unique glaze seals curl while allowing movement and controlling frizz.

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8 Profound Beauty Atmosphere Desert Sand

Desert Sand is inspired by the dry, arid desert air to create humidity free texture and separation with intense dimension and fullness that has a semi-matte finish. Through the discovery of Relative Humidity™ these results are driven by a zero humidity proprietary technology unique to Profound Beauty.

9 Profound Beauty Stylist Curl Foam

Enhances curl formation with a clean and bouncy finish. Its light airy foam creates volume, shine and movement with light hold. Humidity resistant, it improves curl retention and reduces frizz for beautifully shaped perky structured curls. Crystal clear resins leave curls soft and clean with a light hold and natural shine.

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10 Profound Beauty Anatomy 80/20 Shampoo

Rich cleansing and care for normal to dry scalps and hair that is fine to coarse texture. Gently, yet effectively cleanses while caring ingredients smooth the hair and ensure pristine shine.

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