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11 Profound Beauty Stylist Curl Serum

Revives curls by restoring moisture, preventing frizz and enhancing the curl coil. Curl Serum nourishes with vitamins and botaniceuticals to revitalize and enhance natural waves with a smooth and soft shiny finish. Best for parched and chemically processed curls.

12 Profound Beauty Anatomy 60/40 Shampoo

Gentle cleansing, intensive care, for normal to dry scalp, fine to coarse hair.

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13 Profound Beauty Stylist Curl Cream

Reinforces a more natural curl that is clean smooth and glossy. It is a moisture infusing cream that creates contour, smooths the cuticle and nurtures curl definition and shape. Curl cream maintains natural volume in the hair for shiny, defined, controlled curls.

14 Profound Beauty Stylist Volume Foam

Builds volume, thickens, and silkens with a flexible light to medium humidity resistant hold. It is a light airy foam that enhances voluminous styles from roots to ends with thickness, body and shine. Crystal clear resins leave hair soft, clean and intrinsically shiny.

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15 Profound Beauty Hush Frizz Zero Spray

Inhibits frizz from happening on all hair types. An anti-frizz spray that eases blow drying and leaves a smooth sleek finish as a complement to Truly Healthy hair. Unique Hush base combined with the work of its Amino-Fusion technology controls flyaways and provides a foundation to resist even humidity induced frizzing. Hair can be styled as desired following application.

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16 Profound Beauty Atmosphere Arctic Chill

Just as arctic air freezes the hair in times of cold, Arctic Chill compresses the hair fiber and reduces its volume to deliver a compact sleek and smooth look with icy high shine. The product leaves the can as cold foam that crackles and quickly turns into a slick gel-like consistency

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17 Profound Beauty Anatomy 90/10 Shampoo

Cleansing for normal to oily scalps and hair that is fine to medium texture. Gently and thoroughly cleanses oil and debris with increased care to ensure pristine shiny hair. 90/10 Shampoo is Sodium Laurel Sulfate free and Sodium Chloride free, providing superior hair color protection.

18 Profound Beauty Atmosphere Tropical Dew Gelee

Transport your hair to a tropical climate – dewy, plump, shiny & pliable. For all hair types.

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19 Profound Beauty Stylist Linear Cream

Smooths and softens resistant hair for controlled straight styles. This light-weight silky cream increases lubricity to ease straightening coarser hair. Protects and seals the cuticle.

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20 Profound Beauty Anatomy 95/05 Shampoo

An intensive cleansing shampoo for oily scalps and fine to medium textured hair. Thoroughly cleanses oil and debris while lightly caring, to ensure pristine shiny hair without stripping it. 95/05 Shampoo is Sodium Laurel Sulfate free and Sodium Chloride free, providing superior haircolor protection.

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