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1 RI CI Drench Conditioner

Drench is a versatile sulfate free conditioner with multiple uses for in and out of the shower. As well as an everyday conditioner it can be used as a leave in and when added to water in a spray bottle it is a curl refresher. Drench is your first line of defense against dry, frizzy hair.

2 RI CI Thirsty Styling Gel

Thirsty Styling Gel is designed to seal the cuticle, control frizz, define and/or enhance curls. Section your hair into three sections. Evenly apply the gel in a downward motion, using your fingers as combs. Smooth and separate the hair into ribbon-like sections. Thirsty Styling Gel is the foundation of our styling products.

3 RI CI Splash Shampoo

Splash Shampoo will cleanse your hair without drying it out. Massage a small amount through your roots. While rinsing, work the shampoo through the ends. When used with Drench Conditioner, it will create a fully nourished and manageable curl.

4 RI CI Memory Setting Spray

Memory Setting Spray is perfect for locking in curl while holding your style in place and blocking out frizz. It can be used on wet or dry hair and always used when diffusing. Memory Setting Spray is the only spray that your curls will need to stay defined and in control.

5 RI CI Velvet Serum

Velvet Smooth Serum helps define curls while reducing frizz, producing soft curls with remarkable shine. Use Velvet Smooth Serum as the final step in styling.