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21 Sebastian Volupt Spray Volume Building Spray-Gel

Raise hair into spectacular stage-filling styles with the cushion particle technology that best combines full-on volume and sensual softness. For extra volume use with Volupt Shampoo and Conditioner.

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22 Sebastian Threads

Unreal microfiber styler that fits hair like a mesh tee. Lets your hair breathe; Pulls apart; Holds together. Separates for thread-bare definition. Threads, the micro-mesh styler, unravels in your hand, creating the web you need to separate your hair.

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23 Sebastian Laminates Masque Reconstructive Treatment

Reconstructive treatment penetrates dry, frizzy or chemically treated hair for optimal moisture and brilliant shine. Color safe.

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24 Sebastian Laminates Get a Grip Liquid Texture

Get a grip on wild, erratic hair. Create style with shine, condition and control. Refine your hair fashion with Get A Grip.

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25 Sebastian WET

Like the name says, this gel makes your hair look wet, sleek. Or, for soft body, it can be used as a blow dry gel.

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26 Sebastian Potion 9 Lite

SEBASTIAN by Sebastian POTION 9 LITE LIGHTWEIGHT WEARABLE TREATMENT STYLER 5.1 OZSEBASTIAN by Sebastian possesses a blend of A Complete Line Of Products To Create Shape Texture Lift Shine And Feel That Is Perfect For Your Hair, Cruelty-Free Products And Recyclable Packaging

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27 Sebastian Get Some Body

Get some body. Create free-flowing volume. Define form, refine texture. Control hair. Keep it touchable, moveable, Make it shine.

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28 Sebastian Xtah Twisted Taffy Free Former

Medium hold. Taffy like substance that stays moist. Smells amazing and holds on to your style without drying.

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29 Sebastian Mohair Shampoo

Makes your hair feel fuller. Gives all hair types more volume a warm, woodsy musky scent.-Hair cleanser and expander -Contains texturizers to add surface volume -Enlarges hair's fiber

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30 Sebastian Buff

Maybe you don't need firm control. You only want your hair to stay in place and still look natural. Buff keeps you casual all day. Keeps short hair in place and your straight hair straight. No greasy feel.

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