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1 Silky International Silky the Cap

Silky the cap is a 100% suede-like rayon bonnet style cap. Daily wear of Silky will protect your hair from becoming brittle, dry and damaged, thus preserving all your beautiful hairstyles with vigor and shine. The soft elastic edge will not rub out your edges, just push your cap up to the hairline and sleep or go about your day….enjoy!!

2 Silky International Silky Wrap

Silky wrap is made of silky 100% suede-like rayon on one side and a durable nylon netting back. The closure for the Silky wrap is Velcro which allows the wrap to be adjustable for most every head size. Very stylish, this wrap can be worn as a fashion statement or for sleeping. Silky wrap is for wrapping of mostly straight hairstyles and holding short hairstyles in place. Some customers in the past...

3 Silky International Silky Locs

Wear Silky Locs to protect your Locs, corn rows, short or long hair extensions, curly hair, etc. Silky locs holds locs in their natural loc pattern, keeps braids from becoming frizzy from wearing cotton scarves etc. and re- vitalizes the hair and scalp. The Silky Loc cap holds the moisture and oils to the hair and still allows your scalp to breath. The Silky Loc cap is extremely comfortable and...

4 Silky International Silky Loop Duo-Wave cap

The Silky Loop duo-wave cap is a 100% suede-like rayon skull cap made to hold hair in place and protect hair from cotton pillowcases. The Silky loop duo-wave cap has an extra added feature…. the front center loop in which the end ties are threaded through. The Silky loop duo-wave cap ties will not slip down onto the forehead while wearing or sleeping. You hair will remain smooth and shiny and...