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1 Sister Roberta's Organic Hair Hair Pudding Conditioner

This rich conditioner adds vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy hair.

2 Sister Roberta's Organic Hair Hair and Scalp Moisturizer

This feels so good on the scalp! It's like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day when your body feels so parched from the heat of the sun. It's as light and refreshing as an ice cold sorbet. Your scalp will be immediately replenished with moisture. Unlike most moisturizers, ours does not leave an unsightly residue on the hair or scalp. It is immediately absorbed. For young mothers who are...

3 Sister Roberta's Organic Hair Hair Butter

Hair Butter moisturizes and softens the hair leaving a silking texture and sheen you will not believe! It works well for twist. shingling, braiding and loc maintenance. Some customers who sport natural crowns use it to create spiral and corkscrew curls.

4 Sister Roberta's Organic Hair Curl Souffle

Curl Souffle' is rich and creamy! Just what your thirsty curls need! It adds moisture and enhances your natural curl pattern. This product is best when applied to wet hair.

5 Sister Roberta's Organic Hair Moisturizing Shampoo

Our moisturizing shampoo has the same formulation as our botanical tea shampoo with one key added ingredients: moisturizer! It has great sudsing and can be used for a co-wash shampoo. It adds moisture to dry damaged hair, sheen and softness to healthy hair.

6 Sister Roberta's Organic Hair Flax Seed Gel

Genuine organic hair gel without the dryness of alcohol. The texture is gel-like and has great holding ability. When combined with the Curl Stimulator, it mixture forms awesome curl patterns!

7 Sister Roberta's Organic Hair Organic Tea Shampoo

Our shampoo was formulated for use on all hair types. It removes product build- up and residue while leaving hair squeaky clean!.

8 Sister Roberta's Organic Hair Gloss Effects Hair Protector

Just in time for fun in the sun! Our gloss effects protects natural and processed hair from damage of chlorinated water as well as salt water. Simply wet hair and apply before entering these waters. Shampoo hair immediately after a fun day at the beach or pool! Gloss Efects is also a fabulous fininshing product! It adds the eye popping shine you crave for your tresses without leaving a heavy build...

9 Sister Roberta's Organic Hair Conditioning Shampoo

This shampoo for little ones helps detangle hair by softening the natural curl pattern. Using in conjunction with The Original Fragrance Shop hair pudding conditioner, easy comb out, hair butter, & smooth hair growth will bring a smile instead of tears to your child's face. She will look forward to getting her hair groomed!

10 Sister Roberta's Organic Hair Leave It In and Let It Be

This leave in conditioner can be used in daily grooming. It is very light and helps to stop breakage!