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1 Sojourn Leave-In Detangler

This Detangler is a lotion for cutting and styling that is formulated with Keratin protein and Cystine amino acids to keep the hair naturally healthy while smoothing out knots and tangles. Since you are interested in styling your hair, there is a good chance it is color treated or chemically treated already. Sojourn's Detangler will guard your hair against further damage from the environment.

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2 Sojourn Serum Smooth

This Serum from Sojourn is an intense restoration for extremely dry or damaged hair. It eliminates dryness, split ends and frizz while guarding against further damage from the environment and styling. Sojourn's Serum will leave your hair manageable, healthy, beautiful and full of shine. Founded by Elan Sassoon, all Sojourn products are pH balanced for healthy hair and all of the ingredients...

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3 Sojourn Conditioner Smooth

This Conditioner uses the proteins and amino acids naturally found in hair to condition it. It nourishes and restores hair to its naturally healthy state. The Keratin protein and Cystine and other amino acids nourish the hair deeply and close the cuticle to lock in the natural effects. Conditioner Smooth is rich in nutrients and is designed for damaged, dry, frizzy or otherwise disorderly hair. It...

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4 Sojourn Shampoo Smooth

For any type of hair that lacks softness and smoothness, this shampoo is designed with a combination of protein and silicone to close the hair's cuticle and lock in its natural effects. It nourishes and restores hair to its naturally healthy state. Shampoo Smooth's rich blend of nutrients is designed to recondition damaged, dry, frizzy or otherwise disorderly hair.

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5 Sojourn Wet Dry Volume Gel

Adds texture and volume without adding excess weight to drag hair down. The ultimate in styling control, this breakthrough formulation is alcohol free so it won't flake or dry hair out. A low pH (4.5-5.5) locks in color and helps to prevent breakage. The perfect holding solution for hard to manage, color treated, and/or super fine hair.

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6 Sojourn Firm Hold Working Spray

Sojourn Firm Hold Working Spray is a light weight, medium hold working spray that adds volume while retaining the hair's natural movement. Infused with Keratin Cashmere and Cystine amino acid, this fine mist will add shine and smooth down fly-aways without flaking. Great for use with hot tools and irons.

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