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1 Surface Trinity Strengthening Shampoo

Surface trinity strengthening shampoo naturally cleanses and adds strength. Natural palm and coconut oils gently cleanse while vegan protein strengthens all hair types. Beauty with a conscience.

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2 Surface Bassu Hydrating Conditioner

Bassu Moisture Hydrating Conditioner softens, shine, detangle, control, seals color, and is humidity resistant.

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3 Surface Curls Conditioner

Moisturize. Detangle. Soften. Shine

Melt your curls and your senses with moisturizing cocoa butter and hydrating Babassu seed oil for shiny bouncy curls.

4 Surface Curls Shampoo

Moisturize. Cleanse. Soften. Shine.

This rich all natural lather will nurture your curls back to life with the melting moisture of cocoa butter and hydrating babassu seed oil.

5 Surface Curls Curl Whip Mousse

Surface Curls Whip mousse will replenish thirst locks and help protect against damage. It won't weigh hair down and hyrdates hair back to its natural state.

An Earth Friendly VOC free mousse that hydrates and styles your curls with the rich botanicals of cocoa butter and babassu seed oil.

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6 Surface Bassu Hydrating Oil

Intensify shine and color. Soften. Define style. Lock and protect color.

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7 Surface Theory Aerosol Finishing Spray

Fast dry, flexible lasting hold, shine. Use for finishing, hold, and thermal styling.

8 Surface Tea Tree Shampoo

An experience for the scalp, BASIC's Carbon Tea Tree Shampoo contains activated charcoal, which is renowned for its detoxification properties that purify and alleviate not only toxins, but sebum, allergens and other residues that can be trapped in the scalp and hair. This shampoo is uniquely formulated to help cleanse, energize and calm the scalp. In addition, BASIC Carbon Tea Tree Shampoo...

9 Surface Smooth and Healthy Protein Smoothing Treatment

Welcome to Surface Smooth and Healthy Protein Smoothing Treatment! Smooth, Reduce Curl Or Keep The Curl And Loose The Frizz. You are in total control and completely respecting personal health and the earth. Your choice of treatment application allows for three levels of curl and frizz reduction. In salon treatment... time varies from 60 minutes to 3 ½ hours.Treatment lasts from two to five...

10 Surface Push Styling Powder

Surface Push Styling Powder adds volume and root lift to hair. Maximizes texture, thickens fine hair and controls static.

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