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1 Syence Four Seasons Autumn/Fall shampoo

Dust, dirt, too much conditioner. Too much shampoo. Even the best shampoos, (we include our own), will leave some residue. The Autumn/Fall Shampoo rinses your hair. Removes dulling residue.

2 Syence Four Seasons Spring shampoo

Strengthen damaged hair against summer time abuses of heat, sun, chlorine, humidity and dryness with Syence Spring Shampoo. This pre-summer treatment works to volumise and adhere to hair without causing dulling buildup.

3 Syence Four Seasons Winter shampoo

Protection from extremes, both indoors and out. Winter is extreme temperatures both outside and in. Both tend to dry the hair out. To respond we have built in thermal protections against the drying affect of inside heat or blow drying.

4 Syence Four Seasons Summer shampoo

Syence Summer Shampoo contains elastins for strengths and suppleness along with cationic conditioning agents which coat and repair damage. An additional sunscreen attaches itself to each hair shaft to protect against damaging UV rays while a water soluble skin care emollient maintains moisture in the scalp without adding any greasiness. The coconut scent takes your senses to a tropical paradise...