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1 Tara Smith Straight Away Shampoo - 250ml

For squeaky clean sleek and shiny hair with Ginkgo Biloba extract. Ginkgo Biloba has long been taken internally for its anti stress properties and in this shampoo it is combined with Marine Algae extract to moisturise and condition the hair.

2 Tara Smith Big Baby Gentle Shampoo

Gently clarifying shampoo for babies and grown ups with Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. This very gentle shampoo contains both Aloe Vera leaf juice, to provide the hair with moisture, plus the active ingredient from Camomile to soothe and calm sensitive scalps

3 Tara Smith Straight Away Conditioner

For manageable sleek and shiny hair with Wheat protein A combination of Marine Algae extract to softens the hair and make it easy to comb and Wheat, Corn and Soy proteins to bind moisture to the hair shaft and improve gloss and vitality.

4 Tara Smith C Curls Shampoo

Hydrating shampoo to combat harsh frizzy hair with organic Rosemary Leaf extract. Rosemary is prized for its revitalising and tonic properties which here are combined with hydrolyzed Soybean protein to energize the hair and keep the cuticle flexible to improve the hair’s feel and shine.

5 Tara Smith Feed the Root Conditioner

To stimulate and nourish dry hair and scalp with Avocado oil A combination of Avocado and Olive oil derived squalane to retain moisture, Marine Algae which can repair damaged hair and five Yeast extracts to provide dry hair and scalps with essential minerals and bind moisture to the hair shaft.

6 Tara Smith Big Baby Gentle Conditioner

For light and gentle conditioning with Camomile extract. This conditioner combines the active ingredient of Camomile with Aloe Vera leaf juice to soothe and moisturise, while Marine Algae softens hair to make it easy to manage.

7 Tara Smith C Curls Conditioner

Very moisturising for glossy waves and curls and no frizz with Olive Oil extract. Squalane, an active ingredient derived from Olive oil, promotes the retention of moisture and is combined here with hydrolized Soybean protein to strengthen the hair fibre and provide a sealing coat to keep the cuticle smooth and flexible and improve the hair’s feel and shine.

8 Tara Smith Feed the Root Shampoo

To stimulate and nourish dry hair and scalp with Bamboo extract. The combination of the Bamboo and five Yeast extracts contained in this shampoo are designed to supplement the hair and scalp with essential minerals

9 Tara Smith Top Coat Glosser

Set the style add the shine with organic Sweet Orange. A top coat finishing spray for all hair typesto add instant shine and the delicious delicate scent of organic Sweet Orange

10 Tara Smith Base Coat Serum

Foundation primer for every hair type with Borage oil. For all hair types this serum with Borage oil which has the highest level of Gamma Linolenic Acid of any common plant species ,will provide the foundation for good looking hair.