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11 Tara Smith Straight Away Shampoo

Tara Smith Straight Away Shampoo is an organic shampoo for squeaky clean, sleek and shiny hair. It is formulated with Ginkgo Biloba which has long been taken internally for its anti-stress properties and is combined with Marine Algae extract to moisturize and condition the hair.

12 Tara Smith Working Curls Shampoo

For bouncy, soft, glossy curls, this refreshing and conditioning shampoo contains rosemary extract and soy protein to add luster, strength, and enhance manageability for your naturally curly hair.

Ideal for natural curls

Combats harsh frizz

Strengthens, conditions, protects and refreshes

All Tara Smith products are fully vegan; free from any animal...

13 Tara Smith Working Curls Conditioner

Formulated with kelp & rosemary extracts, this refreshing conditioner is designed to combat serious frizz, while strengthening, nourishing, and defining your beautiful curls.

Ideal for natural curls

Combats harsh frizz

Protects, refreshes, strengthens, and conditions

All Tara Smith products are fully vegan; free from any animal derived ingredients and...

14 Tara Smith Gorgeously Gentle Shampoo

A daily balancing cleanser, this soothing, mild shampoo with B5, almond protein, and aloe vera gives hair a natural bounce and shine.

A gentle daily shampoo for every hair type

Cleanses and beautifies while calming irritated and sensitive scalps

A buffered pH helps with product build-up, daily oils, and aggressive chemicals found in other products


15 Tara Smith Brilliant Thickening Cream

A super lightweight leave-in cream for creating instant, lasting lift and definition on dry hair, or styling volume on wet hair. Clinically proven to increase volume by 85% after the first application and packed with peptides and antioxidants. Brilliant Thickening Cream leaves hair hydrated and protected while providing amazing volume and shine.

Doubles volume and creates definition and...

16 Tara Smith Shining Moment Glosser

Enhance shine while finishing or refreshing your style with natural oils and olive Squelane to hydrate and smooth the hair shaft for your “shining moment”!

Adds shine and protects from dulling

Travels with you for on-the-go refreshing and styling

A must have “top-coat” finisher for your hair

All Tara Smith products are fully vegan; free from any...

17 Tara Smith Base Coat Serum

No frizz, all shine…this powerful serum is packed with starflower seed extract and Tegosoft CT coconut oil to lock in hydration without weighing hair down. It’s clinically proven to increase shine by 65% and control frizz in high humidity for up to 24 hours. Take control of your style with soft, manageable locks.

A must-have "foundation primer" for your hair