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21 ThermaFuse Esculpt Gel

A medium-to-firm holding cream-based gel that's never too stiff and always light enough to create endless designs. Esculpt Gel is a protein-rich crème gel that produces long lasting, truly gorgeous results. Allows for extraordinary creativity and design. This pliable formula is ideal for clients who want easy styling. This also protects the hair from harsh environmental UVA and UVB Light.

22 ThermaFuse ThermaCare Leave-In Conditioner

Protect and Repair Heat-Styled Hair. Replenish your hair in just a few sprays. With the amino acid rich formula it rebuilds, moisturizes, detangles, and revitalizes hair. Equalizes porosity, and a high activity UV absorber protects hair and hair color. The added conditioning and protection of HeatSmart Complex is scientifically proven to produce healthier hair with heat. Hair will be stronger and...

23 ThermaFuse Moisture Shampoo

Gentle, Rich and Luxurious. This is a hydrating shampoo that works independently to bring essential moisture to parched hair through a special blend of moisture-rich proteins. Helps to provide renewed strength, turning dry brittle hair into revitalized hair. This is a gentle, rich and luxurious shampoo that improves elasticity and calms frizz with the help of quaternized proteins and hydrating...