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11 Washi ZG LB Shear

Comfort and balance are what this Shear is all about. Forged from 440C Japanese Steel. Great all around cutting tool, lightweight and slim blades.

12 Washi 2C52 P Shear

The "Purple Orchid", Elegant and Sleek. A Superior Cutting Tool. Cuts Soft, Holds an Edge Longer.

13 Washi 2C53 K Shear

The Black Rose, Elegant and Sleek. Offset Titanium Power for Softer Cuts and a Longer Lasting Edge.

14 Washi MM K Shear

The "Black Swan"... Extreme offset handle opens the hand and lowers your elbow and shoulder position, Relieving stress on your wrist.

15 Washi IRT 19

19-tooth hair styling shear designed for thick curly hair to give a haircut a softer texture finish.